New chapter and stuff 5

Sometimes things bother me too, not literally everything is a party. I have my phone on the ground in front of me and I pick it up and check on my favourite friend Holden. He thinks I never leave his side. Hahahaha. I almost never do. Though sometimes there is some one else to stock!!! I managed to leave a camera so we can try a bit of a distance stalk-prey relationship, while I just take care of a few things. I can see his pretty face in the camera. Though not as pretty as his girlfriend, who is going to be the first person brought back to life by a dick to be killed again. I can’t fucking wait. 

Earlier his girlfriend took it in the mouth backwards while hanging from his neck with her legs around his shoulders. It was pretty sexy and I am definitely going to kill him for that. Just kidding. I already knew that!!! I’m going to kill extra gruesome for that, though. Then it is just back to writing, or watching some tv. Sometimes that guy has writer’s block. I wanted to tell him to jack, but then he would know I was watching. Just gotta let it out. Every single last bit of stress. Wooo. Then you’ll feel better.

That’s just my perspective. While it’s the only one that’s worthwhile, he might tell you it didn’t do much. Did getting with your girlfriend get twice as much out? It not fucking had! It not fucking had at all! 


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