New chapter and stuff 4

And that’s when I do it. I grab something I left on the table. A miniature sculpture of a dick. You know dick size. It’s ceramic. And I shatter it on the first one’s head. It shatters, but I still have along shard in my hand, which is filling with blood. And then I thrust the knife into the second one’s neck, and slice it open wide. Their’s blood gushing out of her whole neck like a geyser, as she falls to the floor screaming. The first one fell silently to the floor. Right after, I have my dick out. I pulled my pants down, grabbed it, jacked a little, and then I started killing them with it. Hitting them over and over with my dick. The thing is bleeding itself. It’s getting purple. But I beat them, and beat them, until they mother fucking died. Then with is super swollen, twice as big as normal, I stuffed my dick in both their mouths, and fucked them until I had come six times in both their mouths, and I couldn’t feel anything in my whole body I’d lost so much blood, except all the pain from the swelling, and high from the dead bod sex.

After, you’d think I was done, you’d think that was it, the grand finale. But it wasn’t. I still wanted plenty more from them. The whole night was ahead of us, if you were the kind of person that doesn’t sleep. Lately I have been. It’s been every night, I go hard as I can, killing every mother fuckin’ hot woman on the face of the mother fucking earth. By the end it’ll only be me that had em’ all. Once you’ve had, you might as well not leave em’ for someone else. After this, I tell you I’m going to Paris and I’m going to sleep with every super model and the planet and leave em’ all dead. Dead in the fucking ground. And full of my mother fucking cum. 

So I drag their bodies into the living room. I pop some fucking popcorn and poor a couple fucking champagnes. Its fucking New Years baby, and I’ve get them both lying dead, on their bellies, heads tilted up a bit, their chins rested on their floor, watching the tv a bit. And it’s the fucking best, every time there’s a hot chick that comes up, I pop my dick in one of their eye sockets and fuck it stupid, while I try not to get any in my champee, and I take big swigs all the while get fukcing wasted, before the ball drops, so I fuckin’ celly so mother fuckin’ hard, while I just fucking jump all over them. I’m not sure if im gonna spill any champ or not, meanwhile, I’m gonna started working’ on their other socket, both of em’ as soon as the scheduled programming is over. Uh, oh, oh, oh fuck yeah. That’s what it’s going to be like. I can’t wait. 


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