New chapter and stuff 7

Time to get the party started with these two. It’s fucking 11 50 and I’m horny and bothered for a fuck as possible. Sometimes I am thinking if only I had two dicks. I grab one and fucking pierce her cheek. A whole swab of it, the size of a dick gone. Then I put my dick in her mouth, hard as a fucking rock, and then I put it through the new fuckin’ hole. I can feel her mouth damn good and it’s rubbing’ her tongue and shit, and then I’m bringing the other one in. I stick my dick in her mouth two. Fucking half it’s in her mouth, half’s in the other chicks mouth. Then I’m pounded both of their mouths at once. The pleasure is fucking outrageous, and the power is fucking awesome. Literally two mouths at once, and two mouths fully at once. Oh fucking fuck yea. 

I’m gay when I want to be. And this is maybe what I will do with Holden and his twat girlfriend. Just fucking take em’ both at the same time. Oh my god the pleasure from that is so fuckigng intense. And I am just going fucking cum. Ahh fuck it’s right down the second one’s throat. Everything left I shove in the first one’s mouth. Fucking lettin’ it fly right into her fucking throat. Oh my fucking god. It’s the best shit ever. 

I haven’t had my fill so I do that fucking thirty times. It’s just the best fucking best thing ever. After that it is nearly midnight and its time for the fucking finale. 

I grab the fireworks I bought. They’re powerful like fucking back cats. Here we go. It’s 11:57. I lite two of em’ and then shove one in both there arseholes. As soon as they go off, and I’m fucking both their pussies one after the other, as their fucking butts are exploding, starting to flame and burn up. And I can feel the fucking warmth as I fuck their pussies, it feels so fucking good. And there’s smoke coming out their bums, they’re shaking up and down and it adds to the pleasure. Oh my fucking god. It’s 11:59 and it’s time for round two lighting another two fireworks, and shovel in their butts, and then bam, I am at it all over again. And the clock is fucking ticking. Baaaaam!!! It’s fucking midnight, and I’m fucking the shit out of their pussies. I fuck em’ as quick as I can. Oh my god I am so fucking hard. And now time for the gran fucking finale. I walk out with one of them, onto the balcony. And I stick her mouth on my dick. And the standup right next to the railing. I lift her up, over the edge, and then I just stop holding. She’s just fucking hanging off my dick, her feet flying I nt he fucking air, nothing beneath her. I’m hard as fuck and I’m flexing a little, and she’s just right there in the air, hanging off my fucking dick with her fucking mouth. 


A little bit later on, I’ve fucking them both 300 times, and I need to get a move on after all the noise I’ve made. These dead bods are more than worth holding onto. Especially for the memory. This was one of the best dead bod nights ever. And there has been many dead bod nights. 

It doesn’t take long, and I’ve rinsed the apartment. Like I even fuckin’ care, I’m a ghost. And if you think I got anywhere but inside them, yea fucking right! I have years of practice with that. Then I’ve got them both in suitcases, their legs folded up, their arms crossed over them, and I’m headed to the car.

A half hour later, their tucked away in the freezer, and I am sitting down for a cup of tea and some fuckin’ toast.


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