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The Dead Bod Man Full Text, early edition

The Dead Bod Man By Asa Montreaux One - How many more years before I make a difference in this city. Sometimes I feel there is something terrible, but no one knows. It is not so much a tradeoff, but a fact of reality. In fact, we don’t mention it. Sure, you can read about it in the paper. But you aren’t here… you just don’t experience it. The dirty, disgusting, murders of the city of New York. You don’t need to believe what I am saying, you only need to read about it. And believe me. It won’t be anything you had expected it to be.   Two - We got a call to head out and me and my partner hopped in the car to get to the scene. I am a detective on the NYPD. I’m a lead detective. My name is Bernardo Soulaz. My partner is Edmund Chow, also a detective on the NYPD. You think you’ve seen it all. But this mother fuckin’ night. We saw the worst we had ever seen. At least up to that point.  We had the siren on half the trip. Traffic had blocked up half the avenues, and we had to beat it to get th

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