New chapter and stuff 2

Nah but in reality this was real life. So I was stalking this three chicks as they’re having their night out right. And they think they’re not going to get fucking destroyed. It’s your lucky night. Heheheh. That’s right. I got my eyes on you. I go up and I say I’ve got the penthouse in front of Central Park and I own the Lakers. In reality I killed the fucker that owns it but they don’t know that. They’re roped right in. Meanwhile no chick knows fucking anything basketball. They just know the team in LA. So we get to talking and I tell my favourite story. My groin hurts a little because I got a bad strain trying not to get my dick hit by a car. I was trying to avoid it, couldn’t. But luckily I thought to save my huge dick, it’s huge right? You can tell this is not true. I mean all of it. Anyways. I swerve and it just hits my groin, right? Misses my dick by a hair. That’s the story, you know? Anyways. 

They’re a bit drunk. Of course I have picked the right time. All they really heard was big dick. Ladies night like that, they might have thought they’d drop ten g just for a big dick. Anyways I getting to saying now, I have a sixteen inch penis, so that’s why there was a high chance of it getting whacked by the vehicle. 

No one ever told a story more seriously either. I mean I’m all fucking in. In reality serial killers are the best actors there ever were. I have no emotions. No emotions whatsoever. Oh fuck yea. Oh fuck yeah. Im jacking under the table but they have no fucking clue. No fucking clue at all!!!!!!!!!! IN my head I’m just ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!!!!

I have read all of the Mystery Method, obviously, so I know to get them to the next location right away. That’s home. Not seriously. I killed the guy remember? But that’s the private place where I’m gonna fuck the shit out of all three of em. Dead. See how that guy sucked. You just had to fucking kill em’ to just slaughter every mother fucking hole in the room. 



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