New chapter and stuff 6

What a fucking prick. I was waiting while he’s writing. Did he have to rub not out? I had had to. Like thirty times. But he doesn’t know that. It’s so easy when you get your hands on his work. To fucking analyze it, and read his fucking mind. It’s because of that I can read his mind. He’s so fucked because I just know what the fuck he’s thinking 24 fucking 7. If he ever wanted to get away from me, he could buy a ticket to anywhere in the world, and I’d be there within fucking twenty minutes. 

One time he went to the bathroom. I snuck in and came all over desk, while I was jacking on his chair. Oh my go some of this writing was so good. I got some on his chair, which is felt, but I wiped it up before it sunk it so he’ll never know. Ah, oh oh oh, aghhhh. I imagined I was the writer there a bit, just writing a mile a minute, just fucking high on being so fucking good. Ah, oh oh oh, aghhhhhhhhhh. There are something he’ll never know. After that I slipped out to the hallway of the apartment. In reality I couldn’t wipe literally everything up. I left little bulbs on the edge of the carpet, up against the wall. If you looked really closely, you could see them there. But no one fucking ever will. Mother fucking agh. Aghh. Agghhh.

On the way out I stopped at the vending machine. I don’t usually bother with those. But sometimes I do for fucking fun. I place my magnet on top of the keyboard, and the things fucking malfunctions. I swipe the dummy card, three fucking things fall out. And I take em’ as I head out, to loop around, clim up the parking garage, and then swing up the balconies to Holden’s balcony. Sometimes I sit one up and just watch fucking everything from there. I put the shit in my backpack after im through the parking garage, and im at the top of it. And then I catapult up them to Holden’s floor.

Pretty soon I’m sittin' up there, and I’m just jackin’ while I eat the chips and the two chocolate bars. Just jackin’ on and on, jackin’ just on and on while I eat the chips and shit.


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