New chapter and stuff 3


Are they ready to take the mother fuckin’ plunge and ditch this joint? With me. I gotta give em’ something good. Listen, I’m having a party up at my penthouse, above Central Park. Just a few of the Knicks, a few political types. Politicians, really. What do you say you come up, have some champagne, spend some time on the balcony. No strings attached.

Sure, they say. They thought about it a second or something, but in the end I knew they couldn’t wait to get to the fucking party. They couldn’t wait to be above the park going ah ah ah rubbing their clits while feeling better than everyone. That’s a fact. So here we go, I got em steppin’ in a limo, tricked outta their fucking minds. Little do they know as we’re driving off, the drinks off gave them have a little bit of ambient slipped in, so they’ll be super docile and compliant when we get to the apartment. We’re laughin’ and laughin’ I’m making shit about The Lakers, and Andrew Coumo and all this shit. I’ve even made a few names up and they didn’t fucking notice in the least. This stuff is just a breeze. Nothing was ever easier ever. 

Here we are we’re getting into the fucking apartment. Going through the fucking lobby and shit. Damn right I’ve got a fucking key. Damn right it works in the fucking elevator. I killed the fucking elevator guy last night, so I can just let myself up. Doesn’t seem weird at fucking all. You live on this floor, the top floor? Of course I fucking do. I get off, the ladies are right behind me. You can’t hear anything inside, but that’s normal. I stick the key in the door, unlock it, and step in. Come in, I say, as warmly as possible. They follow in, and I will never forget the slightly quizzical look on the ones face, the first one through the door. She never knew she’d die to a fucking dick. 


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