New chapter and stuff


You’d never guess what I am up to now. But it’s the most jack off-able stuff I have ever come up with it. See, I know it advance. But you’re going to just have to see it come true. It is going to be fucking rad. Like my cum following from the sky all over your fuckers. Aghaghaghagahgahgah. 

No one ever fucking know when you’re stalking them. People are so fucking stupid you kill them on a sidewalk in Manhattan. Not you, readers. Not you. But my dick will be in all your orifices one day, at least in my opinion.

Is that not what you wanted to hear? I mean read on, maybe this Asa will give you a nose job. I mean dream on right. But you never know.

That guy’s good.  A little too good. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Fuck yea. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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