An journal entry ch. 2 s 2

By Asa Montreaux 

My mom was a somewhat famous model. A very pretty woman. So when we landed, and strolled through the terminal to baggage. We actually had one or two bags, a few reporters, or whoever, had taken her pictures, our pictures, as we walked. Well, way to stay under the radar I guess. I think both my parent’s knew, and I knew, that it would only be a short time before the gang figured out where we were.

We got in a cab, and my Dad gave the driver the address, of the house. And he began driving us there. Halfway through the drive, my Dad., in a better mood, said. I haven’t even a clue where we’re going. 

When we arrived, he said that wasn’t so far. The cabbie said why had you said that, perfectly rude. My Dad said you aren’t used to driving. The cabbie seemed confuse, so he added, we’re from LA. Oh, okay, the cabbie said. It was weird because he still hadn’t got it. LA is a big city. So you have to drive a lot more to get anywhere. And there’s so much traffic, too.

The man added, I still didn’t get that. My Dad was being rude in return, and he said, we’ll there’s a lot of traffic. And did you get the first part? The man said, no. My Dad said, It’s big. And as he walked away, more friendly, a lot bigger than here.

My father had the keys, he opened the door, no problem. And we went inside, and saw the house where we would sort of be, for about a couple years, that’s sort of how it turned out. It was fairly nice. A little dark. Though it was clearly the people that were coming for us that would be dark. Maybe that’s why they always felt they take it, and say it was there’s now.

Everything was okay for a few days, my parents spent lots of time, sitting with me, and then learned to ask me questions, because I responded. I revealed after not a long time, I could speak in full sentences. Maybe by the second day, I guess the third day of my life, I was speaking with my parents in full sentences. I made lots of jokes, and they laughed at all of them very hard. So easy audience, your parents, listening to a newborn talk.

Though on the third day, really, that night, things got worse again. Four days after I was born, there was the same man again. Standing out there, where his arms crossed, looking sour. Shit, my Dad said. He saw on tv, my Dad said. He’d seen the pictures, I suppose even the film, of us arriving in Vancouver.

Just stay quiet, he said to her. And maybe he’ll go away. I didn’t make a sound either. He knew I understood already.

They hung out upstairs, on the sofa, my mom laying down, my Dad sitting up to make sure he wouldn’t fall asleep. The man finally spoke up. ‘You’re awfully quiet,’ he said. ‘Yes,’ my Dad said. ‘We’re obviously avoiding you. You’re outside.’ He thought something for a second, maybe something clicked for him. ‘So what’s your name?’ he asked. ‘You know my name,’ he said. ‘No, I don’t, you quite answered a lot of names,’ my dad answered. Now there was some lady out there. ‘Jamie,’ she answered. ‘Nah, Bill,’ the guy out there said. ‘Ah, Bill,’ my Dad said. ‘Like Bill Gates.’ ‘I’s not,’ the guy responded. ‘I hadn’t asked the question,’ my Dad said. 

Then after a while, the guy outside said, ‘Jamie.’ I suppose he was yelling.

My Dad seemed a little worried. ‘I’ve heard of you, you’re the serial killer guy. You guys kill people.’ He’d recovered his non-chalant tone by the middle of that line. All of the sudden, the guy yelled, mostly to himself. ‘We got caught. Already.’ The woman said to him, ‘Would you keep your voice down.’ 

Then there wasn’t other woman that strolled up. The gang outside, building again. Hmm. Woman, unassuming. Not dangerous. Right. Then all of the sudden, the second woman yelled at my dad. She screamed, really, ‘Get down here right now and talk.’ The first woman said, ‘We need to have a chat.’ Then she added. ‘We need to eat your son. But this man would like to adopt him. At least for a little while.’ ‘Yea,’ the second woman added. ‘We even let some of them live, at least for a little while.’ Later I found they let them live as long a few days. Though often it was actually just a different kid.


‘No thanks,’ my dad said. ‘Go eat someone else. We’re fine here.’ Then he added, ‘We already told you, you’re the guy that eats people. Though usually they say, you shoot them, and walk away.’ After that the man seemed to think what he’d just heard my Dad say, not moving, sort of bent over because he’d been looking at the ground already, trying to think through his moves, then he suddenly turned around and bounded away. Almost off the lawn, he turned around, and said, ‘We’ll eat him some day. I was just going to adopt him.’ And after a few more moments, he added, ‘Probably for a week. ‘Then he added, screaming suddenly, ‘That’s all yea get. Then we get yea killed. And it’s me. The Jamie. So there, you met the guy that killed everyone on Earth. That’s what they say about I in the future. Ah, about us. You get to talking, I like puck. We’re a team, were guys. I hate woman!’ At this point, he about bared his teeth. ‘I’ll kill yea, he said. Then he went and ate someone in his head, in the air I suppose. Mimicking eating a child. I would be someone he’d been thinking about eating, I guess. He muttered more things to himself as he walked off, all the way down the street. When he was far away, he put his hands in his pockets. And sort of moped off. A sad serial killer, I thought. Haha, and really, not haha.

Those two woman were still standing there. ‘This is not over, one said.’ Of course they looked almost identical. ‘We’ll steal Andrew,’ she said. ‘And he’ll be friends just with us. We clearly lied, we said we’d him and stuff. And we had.’ ‘We meant tah,’ the other woman said. ‘And we will,’ she said after that.  ‘And clearly,’ said the first. ‘It was not nice to meet yea. Your dead. And we get your house. It was not that nice. I thought you people from La were rich.’ The second one said, ‘I guess not.’ ‘You’re dead,’ the first added. Not redundant at all.

That was it for then night, though not really, because that guy was back at 5 am in the morning, very near to 5:00 am on the dot. Obviously something to do with the kid born nearly at 11:00 pm. Or maybe not. ‘I guess you here you’re all dead,’ he said. ‘Yea, we heard all that. Not redundant at all,’ my Dad said. Just what I’d been thinking early. I decided to speak, ‘You really don’t need this,’ I said. ‘It’s actually just a lease.’ My Dad started to say, Andrew why had you…’ and then he trailed off.’ My first lie ever. “Well then we don’t need it he said.’ 

Weirdly, another man, who hadn’t been there, outside previously. But he had been at the hospital, in LA. He said, weirdly, ‘Well then why is the man out here at five am?’

‘Clearly he’s homeless,’ I said. The guys jaw dropped. And my Dad looked at me, wondering about that. And then he said, ‘Though he may be from LA. So maybe that save’s face. But he’s clearly homeless in LA and everyone knows that.’ ‘What was the other part,’ the other mand said.

‘For yea’s,’ my Dad said. ‘Oh yeah, I had said that,’ the guy said ‘Yea, that was weird, because…’ and my Dad trailed for a second. Then he said, Andrew… explain.’ I said, ‘Because you weren’t the one that said that.

He jaw was still a little open, but then it went agape. And this time made a little noise, like ahah, though more like cannibal than I’ve ever in my life, now I mean. ‘Andrew that is just a cannibal,’ my Dad said. Then my spoke up, ‘You’re all dead, get the hay away from this house. We just live here. WE just had been in LA for spooch.’ ‘What’s that,’ one of the woman asked. ‘It was code, my mom said. for a splurge. We wanted to tell you the hay off. Now you think about what I said. WE were just here having a nice life and we’ donly been in LA a few days. Now just go down and have a nice time. It’s called a hotel.’ ‘What now? The lady asked. ‘Just go there, my mom said, almost laughing. The lady didn’t seem to be able to respond. And that weird woman that said she’d eat us in the first palce, the younger one, said, not to us. The way she laughed. And she said to us, ‘I not loved that. But I’m going to do that forever. And I’m really going to take your baby away. And I eat everyone ever. Se tell you bae watch it’s back. And pay. Or else you’ll go to hay. And what’s that. It’s jail.’ So clearly we having a war of words. And this one could speak quite a bit better. But I said, ‘What’s that?’ Because someone had been feeding her lines, and they thought we hadn’t heard. All of the sudden she went, ‘bahahaaaa aaahh. And she turned around, and pointed, at the air, at nothing in particular. And she tried to make noises with her mouth, but she seemed to have lost all ability to speak. ‘Well someone needs to says sorry,’ The man said. The what the second man. ‘Well clearly that was my son, my Dad said. ‘And we do say sorry. WE actually not knew that. You’re illiterate. You not speak. And we say we dot speak. You do not… so we don’t speak to you. You’re just people out there, sellin’ stuff. Sellin’ selling adopting, and preaching things, so we’ll pay attention, like it’s really important, then you’ll obviously try to kill us, while saying you owned the home in the first place. And it’s really hard to say, you had a son in the first place, and you ate him. And everyone on the face of the earth had died to stop it. You’re on tv all the time, and you hate it. And you obviously love it. So stop. And die. And/or walk away. So we can live a peaceful life, the way you had never figure out all these people around here are already dying to return too. So thank you for ruining our welcome to the neighborhood. So I guess I ruined my wife’s. We have bought this house. Just a few days ago. So this really a rude awakening, if this is the way Vancouver was. So now we you know. And you’re form here. And it’s obvious this gang is all over the Earth. And we stay here now. So be nice.’ ‘And you’ll join,’ they asked. My Dad said, ‘Oh, we’ll join.’ Highly sarcastic. And then he said, ‘When we’re dead. That’s positively what we have to say to you, or else you’ll die, out there. So go run in, somewhere else. You’re homeless, as our son said. So take note, this is not a priviledge. We work, and so had their Dad, all those kids out there, watching you now, so you don’t eat us.’ Then, the most curious turn, though one I was sort of feeling already. Nothing I said aloud. The younger lady said, ‘They’re in our gang.’ Then she needed a line. ‘I suppose you know they joined our gang later.’

Another line. For one of the kids. ‘That’s it exactly. We might not hate you. Just join our gang, and leave Andrew out.’

‘And right,’ my Dad said. ‘That’s cleary the meaning of the gang. You pretend one man is retarded, and then you switch him in. The other guy, and you say that was the one you wanted. You even did like… in acting. And you probably to pay for this, like always. But you hardly get money. But you figured out to steal houses. And that’s okay. And go do that! Somewhere other than here.’

Another line. One of the kids: ‘Maybe someday your son we’ll join our gang.’

My Dad was concerned, ‘Why,’ he asked. 

‘Because otherwise we eat you,’ they said.

My Dad didn’t much to say, while he thought about it, I knew what to say.

‘I’ll join,’ I said.

They had a strange recation. Like there faces floated up into they are. They were shocked, surprised, and excited. Another line. ‘And he clearly speak already so he must that five. And he’s fine. He can join when he’s ten. They don’t give a hey. 

They’ll let him live. He’ll live with a Jamie. And they’ll be ha[[y ever after. But you’ll die. As soon as twenty nineteen hits your lives are so over and we’ll steal everyone of these houses. And if you even try to survive…’ And then she paused, having no words to follow. She needed another line. ‘Then we’ll kill you. And we’ll survive. And we’ll take you dang house. The one you survive in. The one with the dad.’ This meant the Jamie obviously. ‘Yea.’ Another line. ‘And this is right after you lose the election.’ ‘You’re going to be democrats,’ another kids said. Another line. ‘And you’re going to lose. We’re the dang republicans. And they’re retarded. And they’re a friend. So we hack. And you’re going down.’

And I said. ‘Oh, okay. And if we win, I don’t have to join the gang.’

My Dad, though about what I said, and they shouted, ‘Yea! And then you can move the hay back to LA. My friend just reached and said you all shot up there on a plane. But apparently there in the gang, and he said just die, or leave the son outside. But now we have a wager. We’re clearly going to control your lives. With Andrew.’

Another line. ‘Then die.’

I said, ‘No, we have a wager.’

Another line. ‘Okay, that’d be the way to get out of it. Stay here and then switch over and if you win you survive, otherwise, you all die, and we’ll even take your Mom out of their dang house and shoot her alive.’ And then curiously, more curiously than anything before, I suppose, she tried to use telepathy to say the next line. It was, because you get shot when your alive. But the younger lady, said, taken lines from a supposed kid, but hearing this one, ‘You’re dead.’ That was not the line, the short young lady said. She crossed her arms, and pouted. ‘I said say the last line,’ the short young lady said. ‘Who heard this?’ another kid asked.

My dad said, ‘No one.’ ‘It’s obvious I tried to use telekinesis,’ the short young lady said. ‘Obviously,’ my Dad said. ‘And that’s not what it is. It’s…’ And before he could finish, another kid said, ‘it’s telekinesis.’ 

And my Dad didn’t respond, sad at this obvious misunderstanding. And then I said, ‘Well then it’s clear you didn’t say anything in my head.’ ‘Yes!’ my Dad said. Then he stood up, and started walking, towards the window. He gestured at me. ‘That’s called telepathy,’ I said. ‘And then my Dad said, ‘Exactly, and you not have that.’ And they asked, ‘why?’ ‘My dad said, ‘Because you’re serial killers. He had thought about it for a second, not speaking so from the cuff anymore. It heart him, this truth. He more though about, whether to say it, or hold back. ‘It’s clear you not said in my son’s head, and you need to apologize, because you almost got him adopted. Because that was way easy. IT’s obvious I’d die, in this scenario, and he’d survive. Because he has telekinesis. And he could zap you, off the face off the earth. You’ve probably all send a million dollars to come out here. And my Mom had to grab, she’d already gotten, gently she grabbed him, on the elbow, so he didn’t go off like that Jamie does. We knew that, and clearly my dad thought maybe they’d respond if he screamed like that. And he said so, ‘I thought as Jamie I’d get the response from you,’ he said.

‘Okay,’ the said. And then all of the sudden, the whole huge group of kids, and the older serial killers, walked away, together.  ‘He clearly used code,’ they said. ‘Jamie was the code.’ ‘To get all of us to move away.’

‘They’re sick,’ my Dad said. ‘They’re son already said he’d move away. They’re positive he said that. He’s so nice.’ One kid said. ‘They’re positive there from this Harvard. They do this move off,’ another kid said. ‘It’s not worth it,’ another one said. ‘And obviously, and we’ll get to steal. ‘Cause they do that. They steal these people. And steal this house. And eat people. And it’s a damn shame but that’s the way it is. Until these people win the election. Or we walk away. And that’s never gonna happen.’ Added another kid. ‘Yea they’re all dead.’ One added. And with that, they all walked away, and didn’t say anything more, curiously somber, heads down, like that Jamie.


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