A journal entry 3

By Asa Montreaux 

When he came back, he was escorted by police to the door. They came in the back, down the patio. And then he burst in, and soon as got in the door. He ran forward, and jumped sort of, both feet landing on the ground, in a wide stance, like he’s back, and he’s going to be just as much of a menace. And as the police left, clearly displeased with him, they said, “You’re a menace.’ And he said, ‘I’m going to be even more of a menace.’ And they walked off, a little struck by what he said, though they did walk off. And as soon as they were out of the alley way, he bolted down the stairs, and came right for me. He tried to choke me with my bare hands. He couldn’t quite overpower me, though he was completely out of his mind, and trying as hard as possible to do that. At one point at let him choke me a bit, to prove his guilt, and he completely had, I stopped him after a few seconds, I counted 1, 2, 3, but then I pulled him off. And when I woke up in the morning, my throat had never hurt so much. And that was not all. The entire night, he sieged me. He’d run and run in. I made a barricade. But At one point he broke it. He had no gun, but he had a large butcher knife, and when he ran in the light were off. I said I’m right there. Right in front of me, he asked. I said it a little louder. I tried to convince him I was right in front of him. And then he stabbed down as hard as he could, and then instantly pulled back. He sliced the covers open. The cut was a foot and a half long. Then a neighbor had run in the house and pulled him out. Jamie told him he wouldn’t do it again. Waited five minutes. Then jacked off. And then he ran right over to my room and started trying to break in again. The neighbor said not barricade, and I lied I wouldn’t. And he said the man wouldn’t try again, and then he did. Maybe harder than ever. Then his wife came downstairs and led him. He made a gesture like he was crying like a baby. She led him to the door like she was throwing him out. And one he was outside the door, he went, no. Childlike. And then stabbed her. In the shoulder, and then all the way down her arm. And then he went to slit her wrists. People in the neighbourhood, on the street, called out, no Jamie, don’t. And then did it anyways. He made a quick slit, and slit her wrists. She lay there, dying, I supposed. Then, I said. Okay, Jamie, good job, now just step back a bit, and come and get the body. I didn’t say anymore, and I was being sarcastic, or I suppose I was lying about my intentions. But he moved instantly, even a few feet back from the door. I walked out there, and all I did was make a face like oh sorry. And as the same neighbor, I assume, that stopped him after that first latest knife attack, or whatever you’d call it, said he’d call the police, I just shut the door, leaving them both out there. I stepped away from the door. I said I should probably call an ambulance. 911. People around said they’d do it. So I just went back to my room and tried to remain safe.

Of course I had locked the door. The man only instantly tried to break in, tried to break the door, I guess. He barely seemed to understand it was locked. After, and it probably was almost exactly five minutes, he started trying to pick the lock. He literally tried to pick it for ten minutes. Then a woman came and dragged him off by the shirt. I suppose his wife had led him off by a pinch of the skin. At a certain point she stopped. And said to him, go on now. But he just stood there for a moment. She was unaware he hadn’t started moving, and he was even staring at her. He then lifted the knife up, and started to take a big step towards her. Hey, I shouted. And then she moved away. Then she ran off. Everyone told the man run off. And there was a news helicopter overhead. And he ran off into the night. They said the man spent the whole night in the forest. At one point, maybe twenty minutes after he left, I came out of the room, and turned on the t.v. It was all a situation on tv. All about a hostage situation, or alternatively a siege. Something about Justin Bieber. I suppose that was me. 

In the morning… I’d actually slept a little. I woke up around 8, a little after 8, and I turned on the tv again. On the news, it was still on the news. And they said the man had spent the whole night in the forest. They had footage on him on a hammock. And later on in the morning, of him walking out of the forest.


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