AG 3

By Asa Montreaux 

At the time I’d just been finishing up with Harvard. It was strange to say I was getting a degree while I was becoming famous, but well, I was. It was to me about people not being aware that I was someone finishing a university degree, and not just in acting. And from maybe he best school. It occurs me to that Stanford, or Oxford, are better. But maybe that’s now. Maybe back then Harvard was considered to be an even better school. Maybe you shouldn’t believe these rankings online.

I was finishing very early in life, and I had completed the degree very quickly. I don’t need to tell you how Jamie had disagreed and was already pretending I had not achieved this accomplishment. So I would, now, and when it happened that I earned my degree he would fervently pretend it didn’t happen. He’d only pick up his tempo, make more and more accusations. I guess this is the part where I say I didn’t just have a stage name but really it was the reverse, and I had a whole life that I was trying to keep private.

It was hard to connect with Emma about these things. She didn’t get at all why I would do it all the work. It was the same thing with nearly everything. Why, write? Because I wanted to make the world a better place. I wanted to contribute. I wanted to make art. Andrew G wasn’t who Andrew was. My life was something I carried out day-to-day. Andrew G was a job. And well, I suppose my life was a job too. Spiderman was very meaningful to me, and so was the Social Network, but so was my life. It wasn’t easy to communicate with this Emma that I wasn’t being myself, or with anyone for that matter. I think in the future, I mean right now, people talk about the difference between Andrew, and Andrew Garfield. I am just being myself. I hadn’t thought my personality would be something the world would eat up, though. I think at times they had eaten this Andrew Garfield personality up, though I’m more quite and reserved, and it’s only the case that I acted every interview, and every appearance. I’m not sure if that put people at ease, but it made me seem fun and like I cared. I guess with my nervousness I sort of seemed like the character, Peter Parker, and maybe that got me called a bad actor. Of course, it did. But it added to the movie, in the sense that if they believed I was like that, then it was easier to believe what the character went through was something that happened. And that gave me headaches later on in playing Peter Parker/ Spider-man. I didn’t want to move on, but I secretly did, so I could reinvent quickly. 

The filming of the Social Network went smoothly. Aaron Sorkin was not paid five million dollars, and he’d say he could never understand why. Though, I think by this point, he’d understand why.

I’m not sure why I’m the guy that gets left out of Facebook and gets literally nothing. That’s one of those odd things about life. One day you get one percent only, it was even point one percent. It seemed for the character it worked out to almost nothing. By the time Facebook had really made it, and then they started cashing shares, it was apparent he got nothing.

I guess one way to look at the film, is that Mark Zuckerberg did everything himself. He really didn’t need Eduardo. Though it seemed harsh in the end. I wasn’t at all inessential to this movie and definitely to other movies where I was the lead. But sometimes people made me feel this way. 

I don’t think my life mirrored this character, and I hope it hadn’t. I guess the other thing was this was a movie where I pretended to lose my cool. I was acting, I mean. He lost everything he had been working on, the character, I mean. And he had to smash a laptop. I had to, I mean. I’d to say about that, that I don’t wish you think Andrew Garfield was a different person. Sometimes I’ve almost wanted to indicate so. But in reality it was me, and I am not an angry person. I hadn’t channeled anything from my life, I tried to get in the character’s moment, and channel it like he might have channeled it. Well to be honest, if you want to smash a laptop, I’m sure anyone, especially a guy, has the ability to. But no, I don’t have this blood red humor.

I thought the movie did very well, considering what it was about. It didn’t seem like any kind of movie that would do extremely well. We made a profit. And I was not happy with doing underwhelming, and I was not happy if anyone said as much. Seemed to me everyone loved it. Though someone always says it’s just another Hollywood movie. No one said very often, I think, that it wasn’t very close to the real story. I suppose it wasn’t. I don’t think it had any relation to the Amazing Spider-man, and if it was eventually announced I got the part, then it could have hurt. It seemed a good role, even a breakthrough role.


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