A journal entry 4

By Asa Montreaux 

The saga continued on, and than returned back to the house a few days later. He played contrite, but I knew that was all it was. He would return to evil ways. He was quite throughout the afternoon, though you could hear quiet though menacing thoughts that he spoke aloud to himself, as he walked around the circles, clearly having nothing to do. By dinner, you could see something was still wrong. He ate sourly. All but refusing to talk to his wife. He just ate his food and muttered angrily to himself. A few times shouting at himself. Almost half the time, it was about how I needed go on a run so I’d die. At one point he screamed out at his plate Andrew go on a run now. And then he grabbed his steak and held in the air. He was about to put the whole thing in his mouth, but the neighbors stopped him. They shouted, hey, that’s how you choked. You almost died. Well okay, he said. Then he put it down slowly. And then said, and I almost had him. Then he stabbed it hard with his fork, and said, ‘die.’

In the night he remained about the same. He watched tv with his wife, and he laughed a lot at the shows he thought were funny. A few times when he was laughing, he wouldn’t almost talk with her. Yeaaaa, he’s say. Then he’d make some comment, his attempt at a back and forth. Though a few times he muttered, getting louder, and more upset, I should have killed him. Apparently he was in the tv show, so he thought, because he pointed at the tv show, and shouted, ‘You had the chance.’ Then his wife asked, are you in it. And he said, no, very slowly, mumbling and slurring his speech. What, she asked. No, he said, louder. Then she said, why. And he shouted, ‘You’re so stupid!’ Then he looked at the tv and said, ‘Now Andrew, you die! And now!’ And a little later, ‘You almost got him.’ Then after a minute, staring at him, his wife said. But that’s our son. ‘It not was,’ he said.

By the time his wife went to sleep. Actually while she was still on the couch around 9 pm, he started walking around in circles, making chants to himself, making a little narrative. We’re gonna make a gang, he said. And now, Andrew were gonna beat you. We gonna kill you! We’re gonna make this all nice. Everyday we’ll act so nice, and then we’ll completely beat yea. At everything! You ever wanted. And all this money I hear it’s fifty billion and not even cents well I want this and they told me I’s a con and I’s no good. I’s not a good con and I gonna die, if I don’t steal this house. Now I wanta made a threat already. I already said a threat. But now I mean it, get out now or I steal the whole house and all your money, even though I block! I block so you’ll never have the money. And it won’t be for everybody, and we’ll have it and it‘ll be ours and you’ll be no good that’s how everyone feels. You’ll be a wash. And after you’ll be no Justin Bieber. I hear you is because that’s what they said in the news. It’s like you don’t care ‘cause you have fifty billion and you just wants to survive. I just don’t care. I want you to feel pain.. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! But that’s soon because we’re simple and you’re so fool. And really you’re so smart, and I wanna tell you your this kid but I can’t cause this is a ganag and you’re gonna die as soon as I figure it out. How to kill yea. Because yea have telekinesis. And it’s my goddamn mission to beat yea. It’s a war and no on knows on the face of the earth but me and you. I refuse to tell yea. Even to your face. You’re so beautiful! And you used to me more! More beautiful! But with your telekinesis you bring your hot down. You change you face and then you change your voice and I can’t tell who you are! I want that to stop!

Then his wife finally walked over and led him out of the room. And you’re gonna die that night, he finished. After this playoffs. You’ll be eliminated. And they walked up the stairs. He made a few more random shouts, then they went into the bedroom and sat down. She told he’s kicked out. And then he said, what, why? And he refused to except, seeming even to understand what was wrong. I’m the son I said. I kill Andrew. I kicked Andrew out when he was young. I stole the house from his mom. He’s no you he’s his mom and he hates you face, and you. Then she screamed, get out, to him. And he, shouted back, amusedly, weirdly enough, No! And then she got up, and laid down in bed. Exasperated as she walked over, but defeated as she lay there. Go away, she told him. And after a minute or two he got up and ran down the stair and watched tv, talking to himself, telling everyone to kill Andrew, and then when Andrew’s character came on, so he thought, he stop up, and tried to trick him to his death. Andrew, there’s a moat, walk in. Then Andrew, Just stay there, then he shot at the tv with his hand. 


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