Zombies 6

By Asa Montreaux

At the meeting, everyone was present, and waited anxiously while the executive committee gathered with the proposal of nuclear warfare on everyone’s minds. Everyone seemed tense as they discussed how the missions results helped or weren’t enough.

They said the men were very heroic and had actually risked there lives, and that they were not going to be able to continue the excursions. They had considered a weapon mounted on top of the vehicle, but feared it would be too dangerous for the person on top of the vehicle. Without this technique, there was little reason to think they could beat the zombies.

They were hoping to move to nuclear attacks. They were thinking they would hold off voting on a choice whether to carry out the aerial attack. However, they thought they should take a vote considering the expansion of the compound, considering that it would be turned into a glass compound. They said that if the space was expanded, eventually they could invest in, or otherwise create, a filtration system which would simulate the outdoors. They hoped to make the dome fairly high, so no zombies could ever be above the compound, but also so that the inhabitants do not feel too enclosed. As to how long they would be living inside the glass world, the estimates ranged from fifteen to even thirty years. It depended on the world’s ability to recover, and move out the pollution, after the weapons were deployed. They were disconcerted the environment wouldn’t be fully okay after, though there was no life to save out there anymore.

So what in the world are we protecting?

They weren’t certain, but it was the same world that had given us our lives, before the man-made zombie virus destroyed the life it gave us, as well as many of it’s inhabitants, our fellow living beings. Doing harm to nature, as mean as it was, wasn’t so ethical after a disaster humans created, though it was the way to start the world over again, over many years, the world would always recover.

So if you are all in favour of this glass dome, which will expand, and will allow for us to exterminate all of the zombies, instead of just in these brigade numbers, whether when they are at the walls, or further out in the plains, then vote for this. In particular on this occasion, the executive panel will make the final decision as to what will happen.

People seemed very indecisive, and seemed to want to think about it. They felt like politicians hovering a finger over a button that ends the world. They were zombies, certainly, but they felt strange choosing themselves to survive, even though they were already the only survivors. They only thought, they were the only survivors, right?

They passed the ballots around, and everyone tensely sat in the chair and thought about the vote. They weren’t sure what the right decision was. It was tough to say what would make the most sense for the world. Maybe they only needed to consider there safety, staying alive, and having the human species being something that actually exists in the new world.

The executive committee went into the other room for quite a little while longer this time around. The anxiety was apparent on about everyone. They left us in there, our ballots cast, giving us every reason to think we could change it, or decide otherwise. However, once a vote was cast, it was cast, when they counted them, they had there recommendation, whatever they were thinking. It was an unfortunate side affect of the apocalypse.

Everyone handed there ballots in, and they were counted with a hidden crib. The executive committee talked briefly about what the vote was, and then they called attention, and announced what the vote was.

The board has voted, and chosen to resist nuclear warfare, and not build a glass dome. The executive panel is disappointed because we thought we were ready for this kind of living. We thought we stressed the necessity of exterminating all of the zombie population.

But if this is not something you’re ready for, then we will have to discuss in detail what to do about it. The executive panel is prepared to reverse this decisions so that nuclear warfare can be used against the Zombie army. We’re very disconcerted with present state of affairs. With further disaster all but imminent, we will share our decision tomorrow whether to uphold the vote, or to begin engaging in nuclear warfare against the zombie population.

When they were back in there house, Tom and Nina were scared that the vote would be reversed by the executive committee.

Are you sure, I think it might be something that scared them. So they might not reverse it.

I’m not sure what they would risk to have the zombies still growing. I mean government’s usually don’t listen to the people if they don’t have to.

And even then, they don’t listen.

Historically, that might be the case I suppose. Maybe they are not out for there own interests. I mean we could just about be on the committee.

I think that would be a coup. Or are we just taking two positions on the committee?

Perhaps it is only two positions on the committee. But anyways, if they reverse it, I guess we will be living in glass I suppose.

Then you have to reverse it, or else I’ll have depression.

Haha. What were you going to call it? You’ll have to name it.

Glass-dome living  - apocalypse depression. That might work.

It sounds like a nice name. It’s disastrous enough to sound really sort of real, or believable.

That’s interesting, I suppose it would go over actually.

Maybe there’s all a name is. It’s whatever represents it best.

Often it’s something they only would use colloquially, and then it becomes part of a real language.

Yea. I like that a lot. If people overhear us speaking about this, maybe they’ll hardly think about the fact we invented it.

I think it would be the most popular phrase in only minutes.

But really we have to see that they’re going to choose glass living, so our lives will change. But maybe we shouldn’t argue the extinction of the zombies. Maybe it’s a good thing.

It’s a really good point you make.


Over the course of the next few weeks construction on the domes began. They were put together quickly, and soon there was a large wall of glass surrounding the compound.

What is it?

I don’t know, Nina, I mean it’s a glass wall. It doesn’t represent anything.

No, we weren’t in an art museum. Sort of cool to look at, though.

I’d think so, it’s rather sort of cool when it isn’t competed with the dome overhead.

Maybe there is someone we can talk to, they’ll tell us how long it is going to take for it all to be built.

We’ll you can sort of see the pace. I wonder if the dome will take much longer. Maybe we could speak to the architect.

Maybe he’s busy right now. At the next meeting I will ask.

That’s not too far away. Though it’s not right now.

Are you being just so impetuous. We’ll only find out then a little more. People around will only know how evilly long it will take, and thus even more time that we will have to live within glass.

I guess time wouldn’t move so quickly otherwise. I mean they shouldn’t slow it down to plan the attack more. I think they’ve planned enough. They sounded like they’d already started planning before they announced the reversal.

I suppose. They are evil too, I think.

Maybe they are, you know. War makes us questions ourselves no matter what side of the divide we are on, by the end.

Maybe more near the beginning. We haven’t even used a nuclear weapon yet.

Oh, no, I suppose not. Hopefully the zombies don’t have these weapons.

Haha, that was a funny joke.


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