Zombies 7

By Asa Montreaux

It scared you though, hadn’t it? I mean zombies can think, and the like. I mean we won’t feel as bad about this war. It’s maybe even better for the planet.

That’s hard to see, but maybe you’re not wrong I suppose. I’m not worried. One day we’ll have a normal life again, after the end of the world.

And I’m sure one day birds will sing, and people will have children, and marry each other in large orchards.

And there will be no war and no crime and everyone will be happy.

Haha, you’re getting pretty good at telling jokes.

You know I was really trying. Am I the funny one?

I must be the serious one. I’ve been in the war.

Oh my, that’s intense rather. I remember. I forgot you were a soldier. You’re not covering up ptsd, are you?

I’d rather think not, can you read minds?

No, I suppose not. But maybe you could tell.

Every time someone is staring into a little place or not working at some task, they’re not having ptsd. That’s something that is wholly true. I thought I was fine this past week, I haven’t thought about it. I was only sort of excited I don’t have to go on another excursion. More in a quiet way, so actually it’s kind of the opposite.

Though you haven’t voted for the reversal.

I didn’t want the reversal, no.

Maybe as time goes on, the reversal will not be something people worry about.

I don’t think they will worry about it anymore. Apparently the haze will clear one day, in the future.

No one ever knows anything about the future, maybe that’s what’s so scary.

I don’t know, I think it was the zombies.

It probably was the zombies, you know. They’re the reason sometimes I cannot sleep.

Don’t worry they’re not coming in any more, I’m quite certain.

They won’t ever be a species.

It doesn’t seem to be there destiny.


The glass dome went up slowly, though after a couple more weeks it was really starting to take shape. They had to wait for the meetings to get some real answers, when the executive committee finally discussed openly what they had been planning to do with there architectural plans, and how they felt all of the citizens might be affected.

‘Obviously, a major concern is when we will be able to say that the dome construction is finished. Our estimate, which we feel is precise within a few days, is another three weeks.’

‘We ask that everyone remain calm and safe, within the compound until the war has began, and largely until it is over. The zombies are growing, though we feel we will be ready to exterminate before they can harm any civilians within the compound. As we have discussed previously, it would be impossible to survive outside of the compound with this many zombies out there. The situation, if we have not stressed this before, is very dire.’

What can we do, sir, to help?

‘The construction teams will ensure our safety by closing off the compound completely, before the attack begins. We don’t suspect they will make there way in during the mean time. If something is to happen, everyone is to remain calm, and call the emergency force right away.’

What if living in glass is too bothersome?

We are going to expand the compound, as soon as it is safe, and we will make every effort to make it liveable. There isn’t another option that the executive panel can see right now, at this point in time.

How long do you think there will be a glass compound?

We are expecting to live completely in the glass compound for more than a decade. Again, no one is to be concerned as I think everything will be okay in the end. The warfare will occur several hundred kilometres from the compound, in it’s largest compass. After the haze has passed, there will be limited excursions from the compound within protective suits. The compound by then will have been expanded significantly. There would be mutations, side affects from direct exposure to the pollution.

Are you sure there isn’t something we can avoid?

We can’t really move the pollution away, it will be in the air, very thickly, but also in the soil, in the plants, it will be in the atmosphere. It’s part of what we are doing to save our species.

Can you escape infection?

If you return to the compound soon enough, it may be possible to treat some of the sickness, and operate on some of the mutations.

So this time we won’t turn into zombies?

No, I think the world will be recovering, after we’ve destroyed it I think. We are planning to organically recover the world, and we are sorry for the unfortunate burden we are putting on the ecosystems. They’ll need more time to work properly again.

It seems like way in the future before anything will be normal again.

What have we done as a species.

It really was not anyone amongst us that was responsible for this.

But everyone knew someone in the army. It was terrible.

It was nothing anyone could control. The bright side, if you could say that there was one, is that humanity will learn not to make these mistakes again.

We’re a flawed species, perhaps.

I’d say. It’s rather not such a good thing.

No, perhaps not. we have to change. And we are not nearly so big now. We cannot do as much damage to the planet anymore.

It doesn’t mean we can be just as destructive as we are.

I hope things won’t matter so much. It seems unlikely they will. I mean we have to change our ways, but maybe we just have to have an actual check. We can’t ever be so large a population again.

But isn’t that the regulation in itself.

I suppose, I don’t know, it’s superimposed, it’s not based off our consumer self control.

We weren’t the oil companies.

Are you saying we were not the leaders who chose zombie virus warfare.

Certainly not, no. It sounds like such a bad idea now.

I wonder how it couldn’t have sounded like a good idea to anyone, no matter where they were, even before now.


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