Zombies 5.2

By Asa Montreaux

They are still running after us.

They can’t keep up. But we won’t be able to attack from so close. We won’t be able to eliminate the whole zombie pack.

But then they’ll proliferate.

We’ll they can’t mate. The packs will continue to grow larger though.

How can we be so sure this is safe? Maybe we need to switch to aerial combat.

Then this area will be uninhabitable. We’d have to live in Mexico.

But Mexico is incredibly zombie infested.

Then we’d have to use an aerial attack there as well.

Maybe we need another weapon.

We could place someone on top of the vehicle, and they’d have a lot further range, but it’d be more dangerous.

We can’t approach this closely. Until the end of the week, we’ll exterminate as many as we can from a further distance. Then we need to propose some changes.

Some changes. I think we need a lot of changes.

It’s almost over. And when it is it will be a lot better. Maybe we just need to exterminate them and build a covered compound.

That only sounds a little crazy, now. It could be feasible, and we already cannot go outside the compound. But I’m not sure we want to live in the the compound, for so many years to come.

It sounds like a long a while really. It seems like it’d been an oppressive way to live.

That’s why I’m not upset. I still feel connected to the world. I was hoping to be able to go walking after there are less zombies.

It’s something nice to think about, even when it’s so far away.

That’s how I would feel.

Don’t you feel similar?

I feel pretty much the same, that it doesn’t feel closed in, like we were surviving, that no one trapped us in there. A glass dome would make it a lot more clastrophobic.

How much longer is this mission? You’re making me feel like life will never be the same.

We only have an hour left, maybe we should abort. We’ll drive in closer to the compound and research for any packs.

If we find smaller packs we can still make some good numbers.

So we’ll look for smaller packs.


I don’t know how we can keep doing these missions, if they’re going to be this close to coming in the vehicle each mission.

I’m not sure I can live when there’s this much anxiety. I’m not sure if we can combat them if there going to get this much worse.

I feel very weary from all this. Maybe we can’t go on living with the world like this.

The glass world does not sound like a fun possibility.

These excursions may not be enough.

Will they discuss this at a meeting?

There will have to be a meeting after what we’ve experienced.

For the mean time, don’t you think we’ll have to try harder this way?

There’s going to be more risk, but maybe that’s something we have to continue with, for now anyways.

Why do we need to do this?

We’re soldiers. It’s just what the citizens need us to be doing for them.

I don’t know. That was pretty risky. Maybe we’re heroes.

I don’t think we’re heroes. We’re only in a time of need.

We weren’t heroes before this, whether we are now.

Maybe they’ll talk about us as heroes in the meeting.

If they hear us say how dangerous it is. No one’s gone out there.

We’ll speak about it in the meeting. We’ll say we are unsure if we have enough men to be risking this.

Because we want to die doing this for them.

We’ll just say it’s unlikely to be effective, even with an outside the vehicle weapon.

I suppose they’ll have to listen when they’re done thinking we’re safe.

Nope. There’s more of them all the time.


        We’re going to have go to the town hall. We’ll call a meeting.

About how dangerous it was? I thought it was safe out there.

No, it isn’t safe out there. And exterminating them wasn’t safe. It was too risky every chance.

Don’t worry. That was your last excursion this season.

That’s right, though I think I need to stand up for everyone, and sort of explain what we were seeing out there. It’s desolate and lifeless. And we can’t be going out there unless it’s mass exterminated.

This wasn’t enough extermination?

They are going to ask about the glass dome right away.

What are people going to think about it, how will they respond?

I’m not sure, they won’t feel so safe, I think. So after some moments, they’ll start to  come around to the ideas, I believe. It’ll probably get better really quickly, if we can get rid of the zombies.

But how, then we just would be living in the compound, entrapped in glass.

They’re saying they’ll expand the compound, build an attached compound. They’ll purify the air inside, and we will have some life back.

That’s a lot better, but then we’re still inside of the all this glass.

Well no one said there were not a lot of compromises when the world feels about over.

That isn’t not incredibly sad. I don’t want to be in this covered glass world.

I’m certain you’ll feel better about it, a ways later on in this saga.

Maybe people will even feel a real depression when we’re living in glass, like a new  specific wide-spread disease, even if we make the compound so much bigger.

You never know, but once we make it bigger, don’t you think it will be a lot better? I feel, I’m thinking the glass world will be like a little amount of new hope.

I suppose. Is there nothing we can do, I mean I know, we said it’s too dangerous.

I don’t know, it’s sort of nerve wracking, we’ve been in battle with them for three weeks. Maybe this was enough of a test, even if it wasn’t a dent in them. 

In the meeting maybe they’ll decide now that they have to attack.

I guess we won’t do nothing, or else they might start spilling over into the compound.

That’s something scary. I hope we can stop them.

There isn’t much nuclear weapons will not stop.


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