Zombies 8

By Asa Montreaux

That night they settled in the house, and everything was rather quiet. The excitement of the meeting was something important, that scared everyone. Tom remembered the man who had ran in. He hadn’t been very nice. He wondered if he was a murderer, or a serial killer. Sort of the same thing, I suppose. For a long while in the night, though, it was quiet, and Nina had fallen asleep long go. Eventually he fell asleep, feeling more assured no person was going to try to hurt them.

But late in the night there was something at the door, and it didn’t understand any instructions to go away. It was rabid, trying extremely angrily to get in, and all but eat them it would seem. It was very frightening.

  He woke up to go see who was at the door and he was very distressed to see it was a zombie. He felt panicked, though he ran to the phone and called the Zombie control line. There was someone coming but it was at the door, and it was trying to come in. He grabbed a chair leg as a kind of self-defence, though he wasn’t sure if it would come in if he’d escape infection. Nina came awake and was standing in the bedroom doorway, crying. There was nothing to ease the agonizingly slow passing another way. No one had any guns around the home to intervene before the securities arrived.

Tom, maybe you can do something, before he comes in.

I don’t know what to do, other than go out there. Maybe I shouldn’t let him in.

Oh no, don’t open the door.

Is it a he?

It looked like a he, I mean it’s an it I suppose.

A zombie is a dangerous zombie, where are they?

I imagine they were all but asleep. We so thought there wouldn’t be one.

Why are they here?

I don’t know, blind bad-luck I suppose.

Sir, go away.

Don’t talk to it. It doesn’t understand.

What, do you feel bad for it?

No, you know how I mean. It isn’t worth your time.

It probably was not worth any time. Is it not a pet? Can I not soothe it?

It’s definitely not a pet! Now’s not the time for humour.

I didn’t think it was. But it doesn’t seem to think very deeply. That doesn’t make it a pet, it’s not adorable either. Oh my, it almost has the door open.

Barricade it with something. I don’t think anything will stop him, or even slow him maybe.

Where are they?

I think I hear someone outside.

What is out there?

They’re saying there almost there.

Are they outside the house now?

There’s something pulling up. They’ll shoot it right away, though if the door comes down we could be infected.

We’d be dead too!

So it’s serious.

Oh hold on if you can.

I’m not sure there is more we can do.

Sir, are you alright.

Oh they’ll talk to me.

Just say we’re okay.

Please sir, it’s trying to come in. Shoot it. We haven’t been infected.

Okay, we cannot let it come in there, get away from the door.

They ran into the next room, and the securities shot the zombie several times, before it dropped and lay lifeless, perhaps energy-less, on the front steps.

They came to the door and had it open, and offered assistance.

We are okay, thank you. Thank goodness you were here just in time.

We were here as quickly as we would. We weren’t sure it was a real call. We are sorry, we were just looking for more information. Luckily, it was only one and we were able to take it out fairly swiftly.

Where did it come from?

Good question I suppose. Zombie land. We know how it came in. There was a whole crowd of them outside, only one zombie got in. So it’s getting more dangerous.


At the meeting, suddenly people were for the nuclear war, and they couldn’t be more ready to give there lives to living in a dome. The future in a dome wasn’t so scary right then; it was nothing.

I could swear you are screaming stop the zombies. I have to maintain myself that we need to take our time and build this right, or else we might not secure ourselves against radiation poisoning. You’ll mutate, you’ll perish, we will not have normalcy ever in the future.

It’s unlikely another pack we’ll come through this area in the next several weeks. It seems still to have been an isolated incident, and we exterminated the majority of the zombies, and believe me, we want to finish the dome.

We need more volunteers with shooting experience. If the zombies are coming around the perimeter, and in larger numbers, we need more help to fend them off. If they’ve come through once, maybe they could again, unless we have more men to patrol the walks.

It sounds less dangerous then the driving excursions, maybe volunteers are here.

Perhaps we will not need another draft. It sounds like we may be able to close things up until the zombies can be extinguished.

How can you be so sure some of them won’t survive?

Unless, they have learned to live underground, it doesn’t sound possible that they will survive, sir. It’s okay to be anxious, but that doesn’t seem like it’s scientifically a valid concern.

I’m sorry, I only wanted to be certain, about our future, sir.

It’s certainly a concern. We will have to ask everyone to be extra vigilant, and to be swift in reporting zombie sightings, or attacks, and the emergency force will be more ready to respond. We will have a patrolling force as well, so do not be alarmed. You should still feel safe, and although I say this now, make sure you protect yourself by staying indoors, and especially not travelling out at night time.

We’d like to say thank you to the responders, as well as the neighbours who alerted the forces to this zombie attack. And thank you to Tom and Nina for making this threat known, and for taking the time to avoid the zombie, and not cause an infection. We are thankful for their patience and care around the dangerous infection.


When they returned to there home, they thought about what had happened, and hoped they were safe.

What are the chances of someone, or something running in twice?

Not very likely, those zombies must have really had a bone to pick.

I suppose they were hungry, and heartless.

Sounds like a zombie.

You’re sure that man wasn’t infected?

It’s not really something physically possible, the infection would have taken him over. He’d never be slowly consumed by the infection, he would be a zombie in a few hours.

What’s wrong with him?

We talked about him, though it’s tough to say. Maybe he’s getting better, but he would just not listen.

Do you think everything is okay?

I imagine. He even said he was sorry.

That’s interesting, I didn’t think anything different of it. You don’t think so?

Not really, I suppose not.

Maybe he’s sorry. Who could tell if he’s lying.

He didn’t seem very trustworthy. I’m not sure why only the one person suffered from such anger and upset temperament. Maybe there is an effect already of oppression from living in these quarters.

I don’t really feel anything. But we had the end of the world.

That’s true, I think that is why we’re here. Feels like a while ago now.

That’s what I was saying. The frustration could be there. We’ve been living in the compound ever since it happened.

You’d think people would be practicing patience. Everyone knows it’s another number of decades.

Maybe everyone doesn’t have me.

That’s a cause for concern. He certainly wanted you with him.

Maybe he was just going to kill me.

Perhaps he was. Thank goodness you are alright.

And now we have a zombie attack they we survived. You weren’t injected.

No, and he was coming for you next.

I wasn’t denying anything. We’re lucky to be alive.

Strange luck they’d run in here though.

I’d say so. There’a better patrol now.

We can probably sleep at night.

I think so.


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