Zombies 9.1

By Asa Montreaux

In the next day the town seemed to regain its motion, and go about things as perturbed as could be expected. Sometimes people whispered about what happened, though he could hear no one was talking about them. It was very sad that someone had run inside.

The day passed as they walked around in the compound, seeming to reach one end of the structure, and then the other only shortly after. They had walked back and forth through more than a few times. They relaxed in the house in the evening, listening as everyone went safely inside, and feeling more optimistic about the future again, after a bit of a scary occurrence. They went to bed feeling that they should be able to sleep well without any zombies for the time being.

The night was quiet, though there wasn’t no commotion outside. They were fast asleep. They were startled awake, however, when there was a locking sound at one of the windows in the living room.

Oh, dear, what was that.

What could be out there now?

I’m not sure, maybe it will go away.

Is it an animal?

I thought there weren’t any animals.

If it was a zombie they would have sounded an alarm.

Maybe we should go look.

It’s safer here.

I know. I’m not sure just how safe though.

That sounded more like a thud.

I’m scared.

I know, maybe I’ll go have a look at what it is.

What do you see?

I don’t know. It went away from the window.

Where did it go?

Did you hear that?

It’s at the door now.

Uh oh.

It’s not coming through. Maybe I’ll look through the eye.

What’s there?

Oh my.

What’s out there?

You wouldn’t be happy.

It’s the same person.

I thought they were still watching him in a house?

He must have attacked them. He’s right outside again. He’ll probably break something.

Are going to call the security?

I don’t know. Maybe he’ll notice I’m away from the door.

I’ll call them.

It’s not a zombie, but okay. Probably a good idea.

Are you scared of it?

I mean it’s nice you calling security. This is evilly similar to the other night.

I thought he wasn’t infected.

He just seems to be not so human. He has no empathy.

That must be an understatement.

What are they going to do now?

They might banish him.

I hope so. It would be difficult if they won’t

It’s a steep punishment for him.

If he comes inside her, he’s just as dangerous as a zombie.


He’s delirious at this point.

I think so. The securities shouldn’t be much longer.

Anyone that’s trying to come in more than once must have some mental impairment. He wants to take it over again.

He’s slow, but he’s lost all his marbles.

Maybe he has some other infection.

Are you sure no one else is going crazy?

I don’t know. Seems to be just him, right now.

And they haven’t even built a dome yet.

It’s coming along, and I’m not thinking that has anything to do with it.

What’s he up to?

He went back to the window.

Why is he over there?

Uh oh. He broke the window.

He’s broken the window?

He broke it, and he’s in now.


The man ran around in side, going crazy. He looked around, pushing some things over, and said that it wast his one he wanted. When he saw Tom, he really lunged after him. And Tom looped around the house while the man chased him.

Hi sir, I thought you got over this.

No, i still want this house! I realized I could not control myself but I not went back and now I’ve come in to kill you.

Well thank you for being explicit. We wouldn’t want any grey areas.

No, I say what I think I want now.

So the police are coming and they’re going to take you back.

I’m not sure they say they banish me.

So you still couldn’t stop. Are you sick.

I not sick I just want the house.

Are you sure of this?

I angry. I old.

You’re not so old.

I say I older.

So they’re here now. They are just outside the door.

I not stop, just I be you okay.

The police came in the door and the shot the man. He fell to the ground.

Is he dead?

No, I don’t think so. He seems to be okay actually.

What, is he okay?

I thought he was dead. He’s not moving. There was a little movement he made.

So we’ll see if he dies. Otherwise he’ll have to be evaluated at the meeting again.

He’ll be up for banishment again then.

He’ll definitely be up for banishment.

Why would he not stop himself this time?

I’m not sure. It was this bad man I suppose. It’s likely he’ll be banished.

Then he will die.

Those zombies will eat him quick. I’m not sure everyone see how evil they are in the fields, everything not in the compound is too dangerous for the existence of life.


We were really upset the man had run in again. We were concerned about the zombies, but that this person had an issue, that was worse than we were thinning about anything happening in the compound. He wasn’t doing well, and yet no one else seemed to be upset about the life we had now. One deranged person was scary, and it seemed we might have to be sort of monsters, in that he was forcing us to banish him from the kingdom. You know, from the compound.

Nina was upset about it, and I could see her thinking about what to do about it. Maybe she would have to say something at the meeting, maybe she would have to vote for banishment, even.

I wasn’t sure right away what I would say. Though I was quite certain it would have to be something sort of severe. I mean eventually I think I saw that we had to banish him. It was the only solution to what was happening. I didn’t bring it up with Nina, though I tried to seem sober about it, and I was going to say it was the right thing for me to do, to protect the lives of people inside the compound.

When the meeting came around everyone was tense. It wasn’t clear to everyone, especially folks who hadn’t been there, whether the’d been an infection inside the compound, or whether there was some reason for the mans derangement. They all said they hoped I was okay, though I hadn’t said anything about whether or not I would banish him before the meeting started.

A member from the executive council rose to speak. We are unfortunately here to discuss another break-in inside the compound. It has been the same person. We felt that perhaps the assailant and changed his ways, but has refused to cooperage, and now says he will keep running into houses, and will kill people to rob them. So we are left thinking that we cannot have someone like this amongst us, and if detaining him was not helpful, the new need to move to some new, more severe solution.

We haven’t and to deal with a case like this previously. It seems when someone has  acted this wrongly, and has been the attacker, in acts that we had said during his first case would lead to banishment, we determine that he may, and it is difficult for me to see this happen to him, banishment.

Given the current conditions outside the compound, as we have caution every one to stay inside the compound, it is unlikely he will survive for more than a couple of hours. Although banishment was not meant to be the death penalty, the man will not survive. We cannot have derision through such a difficult time, and such a test of our spirits.


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