Dead Bod Man, P .16


Holden arrived at Salazar’s office a little more than twenty minutes later. They met together in the back office, at a table with bundles of documents on it.

Salazar said he had given the police any information they needed to make the public aware of the Dead Bod man, and he also informed them as to the disappearance of Fiaonae. He had questions for Holden. They went over jut like last time, every place he had seen the Dead Bod man.

“Since the last time I asked you, where have you seen the Dead Bod man?”

“Everywhere. He’s been stalking me the whole day.”

“In your home?”


“In your office?”


“At Fionae’s home?”


“Okay. So pretty much everywhere. I know you’ve seen him at restaurants, when you are out around town. Okay.”

“So what are we going to do.”

“I think we are going to wait for him. He will come eventually. He may sense us around, but he’s too eager right now to wait. I would say within a few days, you will hear from him for sure.”

“Okay, so you’ll wait with me?”

“No, we will all wait outside. I’ll be right in front of your building. But what he won’t know, is that there will be another car around the corner. And when he goes after you, we will out number him. Right away we’ll have a ton of guys right inside. And we should be able to take him.”

“Well alright then, that makes sense. I think we can beat him.”

“Well that’s not precisely it. See it all sounds too predictable right. What if we have extra guys, you know? So we’ll follow him back to where he goes. He’ll obviously get away. And there, will find Fionae.”

“Okay, this will work. I’m sure we’ll find here, if we can just track him.”

“And from what I have studied of the previous disappearances, when we find her, she’ll be… alive.”

“That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.”

“I know, and she will be alright, completely.”

“Let’s get to it.”

“Aright, I’ll set the plan in motion.”



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