The Dead Bod Man’s Song

The Dead Bod Man’s Song

There isn’t a butt I don’t like,

There is no vagina I wouldn’t cum all over,

There is no dick I wouldn’t rip off and fuck the whole in place of it,

There is no mother fucker on earth I wouldn’t murder

And jack on

When I was a child, my mother left me in my bed,

She fled in the night,

I was only four, 

So I traced her down a couple years later, and killed her,

I knew what to do even at that age, 

I pulled my pants and boxers down, and then I beat that thing as hard as I could,

And then I came all over her face,

Then before I lost my hard on, I fucked her in the butt, the first butt fuck I ever had, 

Until I was covered with my Mother’s blood, 

I knew I had to jet, but I didn’t know it was right then, I was caught red handed by my mother’s new lover, 

And I was tossed off to a state mental hospital for two years, 

When I was released, I came out a cold blooded murderer, but no one knew. And I was determined to never be caught again,

It has been six hundred women and men I fucked and killed and then fucked dead,

And I don’t regret a second of it, 

Was I the sickest serial killer of all time, the truth is I am the well one and you are all

Sick from being normal and unawaken.


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