A Note:

The Dead Bod Man is not finished, though it will not be released with pictures. That was a joke, and I will finish it, but just as online content.

The hockey part at the beginning of Tristan was not that popular, so I am going to cancel new books in the series. To give more information about it, the NorthWest Giants were entirely not popular. And they don't exist anymore. They were not normally very good, and there seems to have been a scam were most players changed their ages back one year, due to a strange cap on the number of older players. Lastly, that they were an elite team, combining several teams, makes it very disappointing how they always lost when it counted. That they were so good is surely a fabrication. 

I am excited to write something else. 

My fight against the hpv disease in our world has been going well, though it will take much more time for the fight to be won. I estimate as much as ten percent of the virus is gone so far. And you will find yourself, by my estimation, healing much faster, and experiencing much less worse symptoms overall, already. The percentage of the time you will develop cancer from hpv has been reduced, though cancer is obviously a very deadly disease, and I obviously recommend to anyone to proceed with caution.


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