Dead Bod Man, p. 15


What is the Dead Bod Man going to do to me? He is right above me. I don’t think I can move in time. Will he use his feet? I think he might go for my privates. But he is so angry, he may go for the face as well. Either option might lead to me not getting away. I don’t want to lose my dick, but that way I will be able to get up eventually, after the pain subsides. What is he going to decide? Do I have any time to move?

I guess there’s no time to wonder. I rolled onto my right side and just kept rolling away from the Dead Bod Man. He didn’t kick me, but he bent down to try to grab me.

The closest part of me to him was my feet. He tried to grab them. After a few swats, he managed to get a hold of my right foot. But something was happening. We were in a public place. Onlookers, men, were approaching to break up the fight. Although the Dead Bod man was quite dangerous, they didn’t know that. It probably seemed to them it was almost a normal encounter.

Two men suddenly grabbed the Dead Bod man from behind, while he was unaware of them. He immediately swerved out of their grasp. The quickness of it, and violence of it, made three more men grab him. He fought back hard, trying to free his arms, kicking all around him. But the group of men got frustrated and threw him to the ground. When he kept trying to get up, they started to kicking him. But the Dead Bod man wouldn’t be subdued. So one man kicked him right in the face to knock him out. He was dazed, but not quite knocked out. So the man hit him again, as hard as he could, and the Dead Bod man passed out. 

Three of the men came over to me, and offered to assist me. I worried that the Dead Bod man would escape, but that was inevitable anyways. There was no containing him. I feared he was probably already waking up. Though the men were sure he was out cold. 

“Are you okay?’ One of them asked me.

I was gasping for air just a little bit. “Yes, I’m okay.” I needed to say something. “And thank you for saving me. I need your help.”

“Ha ha ha. It looked like you had it covered.”

“No. The Dead Bod Man, you see. He’s dangerous.”

“The who?”

“The Dead Bod Man.”

“I’ve not heard of him.”

“He’s the man I fought against.”

“Ah okay I get what you are saying/ What does that name mean?”

“Well, the funny thing about it. He ahh… likes dead bodies.”

“How so? I have never heard of anyone liking dead bodies.”

“He likes to hold on to them.” I was going to say more, but an observer nearby said, “Hey, look, the guy’s getting away!”

The Dead Bod man had gotten up. And now he was sprinting away. He had woken up a while ago, and he hardly seemed woozy by now. It was funny that he thought to run away, rather than come after me again. I suppose he just wanted to recuperate fully, before taken me on again. And maybe when these people weren’t around me. 

He was speeding away down a busy street now, and as he faded into the distance, he rounded a corner, and disappeared.

I was sad to see him slip away, though there had been no way to contain him. The Dead Bod Man had not really lost so badly. He was always going to get up, and get away, before the police came to take him away.


I told the onlookers, and helpers, that I was okay, and then I headed to Salazar’s office. I called him and I told him about everything that had happened. It hadn’t taken very long, and right after I told him that Fionae was missing.

“When was the last you heard from here?”

“When I dropped her off at a shoot, a few hours before the Dead Bod man attacked me.”

“At your office, right.”

“Yes, it was there.”

“Well, if you’re okay, I suggest we try to find her right away. I think I will give some information to the police. And by the time you get here, I will have had a chance to come up with a plan to find Fionae. How long do you think you’ll be?”

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

“Alright, I’ll be ready by then. Bye.”




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