Novel P. 10

By Asa Montreaux


A few minutes later they were laying on the couch, with a duvet blanket from the bed draped over them. They had wiped themselves with Kleenex, I mean to say anything they hadn’t eaten off each other. He livingly caressed her hair, twirling it, and she dozed a few times, though woke up, having the thought in her dream, that she needed to kiss him, and she kissed him each time. After a while, Salazar need to go to the bathroom. Hahaha. I’m only joking. …Holden needed to go to the bathroom, and he moved her arm carefully from under his, and then set her body fully on the couch, and moved to the bathroom. 

When he walked into the bathroom, it seemed it was occupied, because the stalker was in there. I mean, he must have been feeling a bit off, he was usually so smooth. But there he was on the toilet, masterbating harder than had ever seen any human masterbate, like online, or anything. He could only think, ‘what the fuck…’. But quickly he realized he needed to do something. And he thought to be the first one to speak. “Hey,” he said. “What the fuck are you doing?” By the time he said hey the once unstoppable stalker was already moving. He still had his hand on his penis, but had almost gotten around Holden. The stalker try to move past him and get through the door. There was some room, he had stepped into the bathroom a bit, if the guy could just get past his hip. And Holden was unsure if she made contact with the strange person, especially when he had his hand on his penis… But he thought about Fionae being out there, and he quickly moved to block the man from exiting. The stalker anticipated the move, and stepped around as far as he could. Holden almost had stopped him from stepping out, but the stalker removed one hand from his penis and punched Holden away from him, as Holden was trying to body check the jacker into the bathroom wall. Well fuck, he thought, the stalker go through and was out the door. 

The stalker ran to Fionae instead of running out the door, or one o f the windows up the apartment. I mean it was long way down, but who knows with this guy. He grabbed her and pulled her to the balcony. But before he stepped up, and started jacking again. She was asleep, though it seemed she might wake up. He was jacking right over her head like he was going to come all over her face and hair, and Holden saw him. Suddenly he ran as fast as he could over to the stalker. One more body check, and the jacker crashed through the glass, and almost fell over the balcony. And he failed to ejaculate on Fionae’s face. 

She awoke startled. “Holden,” She said, “Get him the fuck away from me!” Holden stepped outside, after the stalker to subdue him. But he still had much of the same slickness, and bounded down the balcony to the balcony below, and then he jumped down one more balcony, and then he broke through the glass door, and ran into the apartment, and likely ran off into the night, perhaps never to be seen again.


Holden ran and took her into his arms. She was shaking badly, though she was alright. He had not hurt her, though the shock was very strong. “Hey”, he said. “Are you okay?” 

She looked right at him, she looked upset enough to cry for a second, though it past. “I am,” she said. “I’m really okay. You saved me. I can’t believe that. But you really did.”

“He not had hurt you. He had not done anything at all. But the shock of it? Is there anything you need?”

“You, I just need you. In fact, to the point of absurdity, that’s all I need. Don’t ever leave me. And don’t ever not make love to me all day.”

She got up from the ground, and kissed him very hard on the mouth, and then she held him in a hug for a bit. “Just want you to be right next to me with no gap ever.”

He held tightly. That’s all I want is for you to feel okay.

“Come lie down with me a bit,” she said. 

They went into the bedroom. They got comfy with the duvet from the couch, that Holden had brought back. She layed her cheek on his collarbone, and she closed her eyes. And she fell comfortably asleep, feeling very grateful to her lover. 

Holden stayed awake a little, and worried that the stalked could come back. He thought about how he had found the stalker just sitting there, and he wondered if he could have done anything differently. There wasn’t much of anything. And hindsight is 20/20. 

There wasn’t any reason to do nothing, so after a while, he went and locked the door. And then he went back to bed and slept as well. 

It was almost four hours later that they woke up. It was Fionae that woke up first, and when she brushed Holden’s face and woke him up, he opened his eyes, blinked, and saw her approximately a few inches from his face. “How are you feeling?” 

“I’m feeling good. In fact, I’m feeling really good.” “It looks it. You’ve never smiled so purely.”

“That’s now. And all I want is you.”

He knew she was alright. And he trusted her deeply. She leaned in to kiss him, and he grazed her neck lovingly. They were still naked and she climbed atop him, and massaged his penis to get it ready. And then she started having sex with him as lovingly as possible. She cherished every moment with him while they were in throes of passion. And each movement seemed to have the magnitude of all the love in the world to her.

They turned on their side, and she motioned for him to fuck her, and he also made love to her, going deep inside, and not going too quick. She moaned, and said yes, over and over. Soon she was saying harder, and harder. Then she went on top again, and started really fucking him. She made the decision to fuck harder than she had ever fucked. And she assumed Holden could handle it. With both her hands in the middle of his chests, she rode him like a the wind. And with her hands between his chests muscles, it was like she was shocking him with panels back to life. By the end of it she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

She came and just kept going. Her orgasm got deeper. Until she came came again. Then she needed Holden more. She went down on him and choked it all down and held it in her mouth for what felt like a minute. And then she bent over and told him to thrust as hard as he possibly could. “Fuck me, fuck me as hard as you possibly can.” And he started going harder. “Even harder,” she said. “Oh, Fuck YEAAAA!” she screamed. Soon she came, once more, as hard as possibly could. Over the bed while Holden was still inside her. She shivered and then stayed motionless with her eyes closed, panting. Then she turned around quickly, took Holdens dick, and beat it as hard as she could, almost like the stalked beat his, Holden thought. And she directed the cum all over her face. She loved the sex, and the pure passion with her partner, and there didn’t seem to be anything else so important in the Universe.


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