Novel p.9

Right now there was no time to think about it anymore. Fioanae was on her way over to fuck him. Was there anything she even knew. No, though she had wanted to spend every second together lately. What if this stalker was someone you knew? What if he served you coffee, or opened a door for you? What if he could get right into your life, and interact with you? …And you would not even know it? Fionae was just slightly more scared the last few times he saw her. As of yet she had nothing to say about it, anytime you asked how are you feeling, she said fine, or good. But she was scared. Holden knew the stalker was not just out there, but constantly up to something. He realized he was probably so good,  you couldn’t tell the way he was affecting you. It would almost seem there was nothing he had done.

She opened the door. She had a key, though from time to she rang and waited for him to answer. And then she would grab his neck kiss him with all of her spit and tongue. 

Sometimes after that they fucked right away. Today was like that, and she ran right in. She jumped into his arms, and he knew instinctively to catch her. Her mouth was buried in his mouth, while she unlaced her camisole. She pulled her braw off as quickly as possible, and got his head in between them quickly, and said mhmm. It was a prolonged moment, and then she was pulling her bell bottoms down hard, to get the dick in before she could think about anything but the heaving feeling inside her middle. 

They were fucking after that, standing there, like they were warming up as lovers. Just another prolonged moment and then Holden was deep inside, and she was bouncing fast, up on down on his dick. 

They almost wanted to get it off right there, and when they moved to the couch, it already been ten minutes since she walked in the door. But almost all of that had been after she let it penetrate her the first time. 

She lightly guided him to lie down, and she sucked his dick, occasionally licking his balls, and taking one in her mouth, and flinging it around like a dog toy. She didn’t bite, but you could see all her teeth half the time she blew him, and half the time his balls were in her mouth. 

After that she rested her hands on the sofa arm rest, and held her but right up while he fucked her ass. They were deep in the throws, and she was saying fuck yes, and moaning, throughout the anal sex. 

Then she took his dick again, and sucked as hard as she could, as if love could be expressed through intensity. The intensity of her passion couldn’t be missed, and Holden felt deep in love with her. After he was going down on her, nudging it and licking it hard enough to make her come. And then she had her face down no the couch, while he held her, and took her from behind. 

At the end, she grabbed his dick like it was her hubby, and used her hands to make him cum. At the moment it burst, he let the resistance in his body build, and then he came right her in mouth, and then got some on her lips, and she ate it all licking it up by moving her tongue around in a big circle, and then swallowing it all heartily. She smiled at him, and then he went down on her one more time, while she lay on the couch. She pushed his head lightly down to her pussy, and he ate her out. Until she came, and she was quenched as well.



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