Hey guys, 

Let me tell you about something new. I have been involved in politics by influencing and volunteering in elections, and one day I think I’ll be a lot more in politics. But sometimes we don’t know where to go with our governments. It’s time I contribute an idea to Politics, and it is a large idea, but it does not amount to an ideology. The first proposition of Asaism is the end of ideology, and the beginning of rapid change to the society, as it is. 

We will not destroy it, but just begin augmenting it at rapid speed. Societies will become entities that are fully nurtured by their governments, but also supported by the GDP of corporations and small businesses.

Cities will stretch further, though highways will be replaced by high speed railways to allow everyone to get to the city centre as quickly as possible. As if they had lived there, even. This will allow the prices of homes to be diminished, and allow for everyone to have their own home. Micro homes will make up a large percentage of the homes, to prevent the overuse of nature. The switch to railways will almost completely wipe away our carbon footprint, and then further sustainable living changes will make the increased size of cities negligible, with absolutely all endangered areas protected.

To further offset the inequality between housed and homeless people, areas with high homeless populations will be full of sleeping pods, in which individuals will be placed, to the extent that no one will be outside at night. Additional ones will be in quieter transit centres, and in available space in less crowded areas.

Each citizen will enter a store or business with the ability to buy certain items all of the time, such as groceries or clothing. Specific rebates will be available through the government to cover the cost of basic survival items, at every single store that supplies them. 

All schooling will be free through grad school, and universal home schooling will be put in place. Though weekly meetings will bring students together to socialize, and in-person final exams will ensure adequate results.

All exam work and paper work will results in pay, so that students feel rewarded for their efforts, and have the ability to purchase some helpful or desirable goods. It would be enough for food and drink items, electronics, clothing. With monetary rewards going up as the year levels progess. The best papers would be submitted for automatic publication, to further reward students and to really get scholarship buzzing.

Most school programs will be paid for by way of students completing mandatory work placements after graduation. They will give three or four years of there time to a company contracted by the government to ensure they have given back to the society after their education. 

Complete transparency will take place in which thorough information is available absolutely everywhere, and to all ages, about the perils of drugs and alcohol. No one will be uninformed about their dangers, and no one will be encouraged to take them, even in situations where they need treatment.

It will be the end of marriage, and common law will be come the only method of coupling in the society. It will separate partnership from religion, and end the pressure to marry for money, and to partner like it is a once and for always phenomenon. And it will diminish the severity of divorces to the point where they are significantly harmful to any party.

So that would be the first draft of the intro to Asaism.


Asa Montreaux


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