Novel P. 11

By: Asa Montreaux

They slept again after that, though the night, and until early in the morning. They awoke around 4 30 am, and found the apartment cold from having the window broken. 

“I guess I should get that fixed right away,” Holden said.

“Yes! Get it fixed right away!” And there was something else on her mind. “Holden who was that?”

“I don’t know. It was nobody,” he said. But there was more he needed to say. “It is possible we have a stalker. I don’t know how to say this, but it is possible I have seen him before.” 

“Oh, no!” She said, as she grabbed him in her arms and hugged him. He knew to hug her back. “I believe you, is it bad?”

He was not sure how much to say right at first. Though he obviously had to tell her everything. “You know, I think I have seen three, four times. It could be, and Salazar thinks it could be quite bad. They are sure he is stalking us, actually. They are sure it is often.”

“Is it all the time? Oh my goodness?”

“I have to say Salazar says it is possible that he is. Though we don’t know for sure. It is often.” 

“Nooo!” She believed him instantly. She knew someone was following her often. Whether it was all the time, she was too shocked to think about it right now. Presently, she just needed to try to process the truth that someone was watching her that she didn’t know, and that he was trying to hurt her. All of the sudden, she could feel the effect she had had on him, how she shook a little before opening a door, how she felt her hair rising just a little time to time. That feeling of things not quite adding up. It was this person, this stalker, that would watch her… constantly, perhaps all of the time.

“It’s Okay,” he told her. “Everything is okay.”

“What if he’s around now? What if he’s here tonight?”

 “I’m with you. He’s not going to get to you ever.”

“Holden, I am alone all the time. How am I going to live with this? How am I going to stay safe when there is a mad man doing all of that.”

“Well, there is something I have to say. Maybe I should be with all of the time, from now on. I can protect you.”

“Holden what if we got a security guard?”

“The thing is… I want to protect you. I want to be the one to do it. I will always be there for you.”

“Well, okay. You are my love. I believe in you. You will keep me safe.”

“Yes, absolutely, I will. I will until this is over.”

“Then I am moving in.”

“Really? I could always stay at your place.”

“Nope, I am moving in. I just want to be right here. I want to make it as easy as possible for you, okay?”

“Well, okay. I am totally fine with that.”

“And if we want to stay at my place for a change, one once in a while, I am not giving it up, so that’s going to be alright.”

“That’s fine as well. And I’ll keep you safe no matter where we are.”

“Thanks, babe,” she said. And she kissed him with grateful emotion.

They got up, and showered together, and got in the car. They had bagels and coffee from a shop they parked at and went in for five minutes, eating them on the road. Holden dropped her off at work, and then drove to his writing office to try and really get some words written down, in spite of all of the torrid drama caused by this terrifying villain. 

He watched her protectively, as she walked into her shoot, dressed in skin tight jeans, and a leather jacket covering her shirt which exposed her large, and fake, boobs. It could make him feel like quite the writer, having her on his arm, or sitting beside him in every cafe, but right now, he just felt like the right man for the job, the protector of those in need the most. Right this second that was her without any argument that could deny it. 

As he drove the streets, he looked around for their stalker, but he didn’t see him. He felt certain this was only for a lack of intensity in his effort; the stalker was without doubt lurking just behind some corner. And he was lurking with the most passionate interest, and most evil intentions.

When he arrived at his writing office, he expected the most ordinary and routine experience, but he was going to have an exceptionally bizarre and unexpected one. There was no way of knowing; there was no way to prepare. But he would make it through… probably.

He slipped through the door and everything seemed perfectly normal. But there was something he could not sense. Someone was there. Someone was lurking behind every corner, as he drove through the busy roads to here, and he was already in the office. 

Holden sat down at his desk, and opened his laptop and set to work. Certain element of the the past day animated his writing, and made it ready to flow from his fingers. In ten minutes he had the first page. 

From there it is always tougher. Nonetheless, in another ten minutes he was almost done another page. He was typing up the end of a great paragraph, when he felt the coldest finger he had ever felt touch his lips. Then he felt it forced into his mouth. The stalker would not let him push it out. So not knowing what to do, Holden bit down. The stalker’s finger severed from his hand, the bones cracking loudly. But he not backed away. Instead he came inside Holden. He was jacking profusely with his other hand. Based on the grimace on his face, there wasn’t much time left before the man came. And all of the sudden, he came all over Holden’s laptop, and screamed, agghhh. 

Something about it hurt so deeply, it was like someone had meant to grab his heart out of his chest, and rip it out. He could feel about the same amount of emotion watching the stalker’s cum ooze down his laptop, as if he was watching his heart oozing blood, lying on the floor beside him. 

The jacking attacker, suddenly brushed all the keys of Holden’s laptop with his penis. But it was what happened next that was so terrible, and horrifying. In the blink of the eye, he grabbed the laptop, held it above his head. And then suddenly he turned, as if he had been studying where, and exactly how Holden had been sitting, the entire time he was writing, and hit him right over the head with the laptop.



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