Poem Sep 19 2021

 By Asa Montreaux 

With it you can buy your house 

You can buy your lake house

Where you have your memories with your family

Your kids, You parents, before they die

Your portion of heaven, away your place close to work which 

You can’t be, if you can’t afford it

Your atmostphere influences your mood, your thoughts, 

And if its modern and structured,

It will promote better ideas

And if its old and tacky

It will promote generalities and dead art

And with it you can open your doors to people,

Without you have no space,

Without you have no grub to spare,

Without you face the harshest, the most basic fight of all,

That we all face, or avoid, the struggle for survival.

With it you have a college education, and your kids have college educations, 

Shiny Ivy degrees for three hundred grand

Money spent well, is money spent ethically.

A 300,000 grand apartment in Greenwich and a drug habit would have been

A mistake,

But the enrichment of all Western thought, or of modern science, is valuable first off, 

And a worthwhile use of money moving forward in your life to better at it, at living in this modern world,

And supporting yourself in it, to be an adult at all, separate from your parents, feeding yourself so they don’t eat you, metaphorically or otherwise,

Making a wage, living in this capitalist world, where money does matter,

Where good sense does involve money sense, 

And good sense tells you money wasted is money lost,

But no money at all leaves you dead

And a little money leaves you few choices were you actually do money do buy stuff. Money means variety, and variety makes you feel alive – how’s that for buddhist?


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