Next me

By Asa Montreaux 

They pretty much line them up like thank you, next? 

That’s not fair and it hadn’t been the time

I don’t discover them for you,

And they prefer not to work for you

10g 6 0

Reverse me

People wonder where my friends went

Yea they died, 

Hello playa, you dead

Welcome to the world

They kill ya next

You feel nada

Don Quixote never been Granada

See you manana

So I feel?

They say they hunt you here.

Men? Yees.

Anyways I had probably even been with your mamma? 

Yes this is Tom Holland.

See the not fire me sign.

I wan twenty million dolla!

I Asian!

Give me five if you will give me ten

Give that guy a hacksaw ridge

Not a 250,000 grand? Okay.

So that’s not me. promise


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