and they made me feel terrible

By Asa Montreaux 

I don’t want anything for the people of this country,

I want something better for the country at the same time,

I do want something better for the people that are with me, and for all

The people of tomorrow.

Year after year, they slung insults at my hologram, and I took it all personally,

I do realize what I often realized now, and I take it as an explanation. They believed

I was not here in the city, or even the country. Come visit. It was the upmost control they could possibly think of, and the sad truth is they all went mad, all these screaming women,

And it was too hard to admit until now.

And they all had reached me, and they made me feel terrible. And they had interrupted my life.

Unfortunately it was not their hologram, most unfortunately I don’t mean to switch,

I meant to tell you you're corrupt.

You’re not Andrew, and I am.

You’re not Morag, and I meant to trick everyone into thinking the student not there,

Was a woman. Because they switch twenty percent to the woman, and they really do.

Are they consistent? Yes.

You even get excited about your scam. You personally called the first overall student at Harvard, to con him, to help your cause, perverted obviously from feminist,

I told them I am a feminist. They told me you’re a guy, and they hung up. Though they had call me. 

They took every house around every area to scream their purpose, to take the spoils as they obliterated futures. 

And all that’s left is an illiterate populous. Don’t be fooled by the fact you can read this.

They use to say I am Andrew, I am Andrew, I am Andrew, and now

Well you got caught, and you thought you got it, I didn’t mean to switch,

But oh, it had already happened, so now isn’t the time to reveal?

So you’ll be Morag. Okay? You’re not able to control my dreams. Was there a blunter way to put it.

Now you not switch? And just so you know, it was before. It was not too late. More proof that you imagined that always. No one was ever conveniently too late.

Right. And now I say, I am Andrew Garfield, okay? And you stole my identity, okay? And you’re like it’s not about the marks? Now it isn’t.

My daughter will know how to read, and her mom will know how to read And I’ve learned to care about the art, because I finally saw in myself something I hate, because I saw it in all of you.

The desire to just get a one off to set oneself up, rich, and make the art later.

And that’s the story of F. Scott, you ruined him for the desire to sell himself short and promote the wrong values for not a quick buck, but a bucket full of cash, but yeah like as quick as possible

I had to create art all along. And that one that called the bank didn’t need two mill to get a place, when really she was going to fly off, and set up shop in the Bahamas if she could ever figure that’s where she was thinking of, whatever that book was

She didn’t need a bill if you know what I mean, and I mean come on, that guy didn’t need a bill

It occurs to me now this is why my mom died in the end. This broke her heart. Because I tried to separate money, and art. And you took it all and threw it in the metaphorical ocean because I had not made it through passion.

Sex. Blah. Passion. Hard blah.

And the reality is that money is not evil. And I don’t mean to explain that to you. And you all always meant to cut each other out!

It is funny.

And the reality is there is no money for art. 

And I accept this.


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