Zombies 3

By Asa Montreaux

Later in the evening, he went to the meeting. They waited patiently for everyone to settle a little, they had heard that someone had run in and that it wasn’t a zombie.  The meeting was still called to discuss global warming. The head of the board stood and began addressing the gathering.

We have scheduled today’s meeting to discuss the global warming crisis. As we have discussed previous meetings the zombie virus has accelerated the rate of global warming by almost 200 percent. We could be wiped off the face of the planet, even in our smaller numbers.

We have to figure out what to do. Space colonization is still a distant option, as although we have the technology for a craft, we are uncertain how long we can survive in artificial gravity. We will not be able to reach a new planet.

At this point with an extremely concerted effort we could significantly slow this process. However it would involve trekking out into dangerous zombie territory. We are not sure how much we can risk in order to try and remap the lands. We don’t have enough bodies to be having everyone killed in zombie attack.

‘Aren’t we not supposed to be also discussing just how many excursions we want to send out, period?’

That is correct. The zombie armies have increased again this week. We’re not sure it is safe anymore. We will not be sending any further excursions at this time.

‘What will we do to control there size.’

With more information, there probably isn’t another group of humans out there. We have considered chemical warfare at this point as a way to end the masses of zombies.

That would kill anyone instantly.

So we will be sending a few small excursions to survey the land, and decided whether we will wipe them out.

What if there is a cure.

There is no cure at this time. We do not predict… that there is one.

Are you quite sure?

We haven’t predicted the likelihood of a cure for another twenty years. We cannot let the zombie’s exist for that long. We are moving to classify them as deceased persons.

What about my family. They all died. You’ll, slaughter them.

I’m sorry, they are not in there. They are a deceased person, and we will be just letting them be in peace, if we move forward to use chemical warfare on the zombie species.

Are we going to vote on this.

We will, although it is ultimately an executive panel decision. It’s a difficult decisions, and requires a full understanding of the circumstances.

We should have a full vote on this, like all other decisions.

In the previsionary treaty, we do have an executive committee decision clause, but we will strongly consider what the board wants to happen.

When are we going to vote?

At the end of tonight’s meeting. We will discuss the attack in the village and further whether to continue any issuing before deciding whether to engage in chemical warfare against the zombies.

We feel it is pressing to start renewing the land, and that’s why we want to commence with chemical warfare. Our life on earth is limited unless we create enough time to create a second home in space. The climate is destroying the world so quickly we have to move to a space station. We need one hundred years of habitable life on earth.

What happens if we don’t have one hundred years?

We will all perish, very suddenly.

That sounds not very good.

In all seriousness, we won’t survive, as a race. Even in our smaller numbers, there will be no habitable space. There will be no oxygen in the atmosphere.

Well then we need to renew the land.

Yes, we must.

But no one wants to use chemical warfare.

These zombies are the enemy. They truly are not human.

But they were the whole race. There the only other semi-human group left.

I’m afraid they’re are not saveable. There is just not nearly enough time. We need everyone to work on not feeling attached to the zombies.

Well they are trying to kill us.

They are really trying to kill you almost all of the time.

I know. It’s not such a good thing. But I can’t see that those many people, that we can’t save.

I’m sorry. It’s a vast tragedy. Just think of it as something you can prevent. It’s like a big tidal wave and we aren’t only a city or an island, we’re a whole world.

You’re being so tragic I just can’t take it. No one wants to hear it.

The facts of the matter are maybe we can’t save these people. We have to move along and work as a group, as a species, so that we can have something to work for in the tomorrow that follows.


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