Zombies 2

By Asa Montreaux

You mean you don’t think you can kill them?

I don’t know. I don’t think so. I mean one day I think they will start to resemble the face of people I know. That there just won’t be anymore I can stop.

Aren’t you just scared they're going to kill you?

Yea. But sometimes I think it’s more than that, you know?

You shouldn’t let your mind wander so far. It’s not so good for you.

Is it really not good for me?


But you could become too immersed in your dream world.


I think you can usually tell right away. People that go too far think they’re going crazy.

Maybe, yes. You’re not going crazy.

No. Of course not. I’m here with you.

I know. I don’t doubt it. Zombies are scary.

But every day I go out there I know they’re real, and there out there.

Me too.

So we are all seeing them.

It’s not just you.

  Haha. No I don’t think it is.

They look like something you might have seen in a nightmare I guess.

Do you think people see them in their dreams?

Oh no. Not normally I think. You can’t really hear them.

Only sometimes. But they weren’t in packs before. The roamers, I mean.

I don’t really like to think about it. You're going to give me nightmares.

Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize. Maybe I should speak more carefully.

I think so. I mean I’m not mad.

No I don’t want to disturb you.

Isn’t there another meeting today?

Later on, yes. I guess I’ll have to go.

What are you going to say?

I was going to talk about not expanding so far.

You’re not going to say we need to colonize space.

No. I just want to move towards blocking a second settlement. So if nothing else happens today, that’s what I will talk about I guess.

It’s pretty calm and normal most days. So that’s what I’d go with.

I know. So what could possibly go wrong?

Not much it would seem.

I wouldn’t say we’re safe though.

I don’t think there’s zombies coming today though.

It wouldn’t seem that way.

Throughout the day no zombies came into the compound, though occasionally one could be heard roaming through the yards. Everyone was scared when they came, but the fear would go away because they would only roam along, seemingly not very aware of their surroundings.

I was about ready to go to the meeting when suddenly there was someone in the compounds outside. They were moving quickly but in a labored way. He wanted to come into the home. He was standing in front of the doorway and he wouldn’t go away.  He was waving a weapon.

What does he want?

He wants to come in. He said he wants this house?


  I’m not sure.

Did you tell them they're all the same.

They’re all the same sir.

What did he say?

He said he wants to come in this one.

Ask why he has a weapon.

He says he wasn’t going to not attack us.

Is it trying to hurt you?

He says he wasn’t going to not have his way with me.

Okay. Maybe we’ll wait for the security force.

He’s running in here now.

I went to the front door to meet him. What are you doing, I said?

I just want to come in there. It’s mine now okay. I might not hurt her.

You can’t have your way with her.

Why not?

Just don’t alright.

No I run in.

There all the same. You don’t need this one. We’ll find you one okay. You have to work.

No I’m not very smart.

That doesn’t matter.

I just need to come inside this one alright.

No, no stop, wait.

No I come inside.

Put the weapon down.

Let me through the door.

Don’t worry about coming in.

Or I break down door.

Don’t break it down the security are on their way I hear.

No no security no one call I say.

They can’t sir. You're breaking the rules. You’ll be banished.

No no banish I die that way. So let me in.

You can’t hurt her.

How do you know that’s what I want?

You already said.

Just move out of way so I have look. Okay.

No don’t come in.

This nice in here. I come in.

He’s running around inside.

I like the nice stuff I keep.

He’s trying to rob everything. Sir, it’s not worth anything.

No it is worth quite a lot of money I use.

The security are almost here.

I say not call.

It wasn’t me.

Bring the lady in. I have minutes with her while you not here.

Just leave us alone. Put the weapon down so I don’t have to approve your banishment.

No, I attack.

No, please.

No, I attacking already.

You’re not going to win this fight.

Sorry you have to lose okay.

No, the security are already here. Get off of me.

Stop it I not losing. I have to have a this house okay.

No you don’t need this house. We already had you in one. Most people remember you.

The security force arrive and pull the man off. They take him away and ask the woman if she’s alright. They acquired verbal reports from any witnesses and then the man went off with them. They said they were going to discuss it at the meeting that night. They said it was the first time he’d done this.


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