Zombies 4.1

By Asa Montreaux

The next day was quite normal. He noticed that everyone settled into themselves, and eventually sort of forgot all about those things. In another week he was called to a meeting, and learned while he was there that they were ready to make a small draft.

But just about everyone will have to go into duty.

No, we actually only need about half the men. So it really is a draft, or a kind of lottery.

But some men are older, or maybe can’t go.

We won’t need someone younger to be driving the vehicles. So there are some exclusions, not as many as you’d think.

I don’t want to go out there. I mean even in a truck. What if they surround us?

The chemical weapons should stop all of them. We wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t effective. We understood the mass size of the zombies at the time.

Well I suppose so. I mean isn’t there some risk?

There definitely is some risk. I mean it’s a war. No one doubted we have to fight it.

No, there’s not much arguing with that. But is it going to be some kind of protocol. Do we drive into the zombies.

Ideally we stay outside of the mobs. There will be some strategic meeting for every recruit. We don’t intend, or hope to lose any villagers.

We shouldn’t be so reckless abandoned.

No, see we are expecting the war to last a number of years. So it will be a very strategic attack. We have to move quickly enough to combat the expansion, but not so quick that we are making mistakes.

We can’t ever recruit more numbers.

No, we have very little margin for error.

Is there any other option?

Nuclear, although that might damage the atmosphere that may even make the areas inhabitable.

We’d have to resettle.

I’m not sure it would be possible. Certainly it would have to be far from this settlement. The zombies seem to roam largely in these areas of the continent.

So hopefully we’ll kill them off with the chemical weapons.

I hope so. In due time, we’ll see if they will be an enemy we can handle.

So everyone has to be wiling to go into battle at some point. But right now, we’re only foreseeing needing a half of the available recruits.

So we have to agree to this, I mean we voted and now we have to agree to this?

I’m afraid that’s the way it is. Until we reach the further areas, destroying the zombie packs will be fairly easy.

What if they become angered?

We haven’t discussed it in detail. it’s unlikely they would be able to have a kind of emotional response. There anger seems to be limited to short combat experiences.

That makes sense.

So the ballots are automatic. We will have a decision as to who is selected tomorrow afternoon. Someone will be by to see you if you have been selected. Otherwise, you’re off the roaming hook.


Everything went all right?

Everything went okay. We voted to continue the war. It’s just that.

That what?

That we’ll be using chemical warfare. To exterminate the zombies.

Oh my. That sounds intense.

It is intense, and they’ll be killed off within the decade.

But there are so many. But, that’s so long.

It’s a real war, but we really have the technology.

We’re an ant sized army.

Maybe that’s a bit of a mixed metaphor, but we can’t really afford casualties, which is better. But it’s still going to be difficult. I may have to go on duty.

I imagine so, in the amount of six years.

We’ll see what things are like tomorrow. Do you think you’ll be selected.

I don’t know. In the next year, I suppose I will be selected.

It’s scary I don’t want you to go.

I know. But I’ll have to go out there. It’s my duty to our country.

Maybe there’s no duty on the apocalypse.

There might be, there might not be. It’s best we respect our community. I want to exterminate them. It’ll make me feel better.

I guess so. If you think it would help.

It should help. How could it not? There’s only the end of the world left.


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