Zombies 3.2

By Asa Montreaux

I'm not sure I can vote for this. I thought we were going to slowly kill them off. It seemed it was going to work.

I know. At least that way we gave them a fight. But we have felt that excursions won’t be safe until there numbers have dwindled from the massive size they are now.

Well maybe we only need chemical warfare at first.

That could be a consideration. We didn’t say we expect to eliminate the whole species.

Just until it’s safe again. I might vote for that.

I suppose you might. We’ll have to discuss as a committee how long we might use the chemical warfare.

We’ll then there will be something to vote on.

That will determine when we will resume the excursions. If there’s nothing further on this issue then we should discuss in private now and reconvene shortly.

Everyone here agrees, and wants to hear what decision you come to.

The executive panel exited the room and went into a private suite, where they discussed the proposal behind closed doors.

Why do they get to decide?

It’s only fair. It’s a difficult decision. We still get to vote on it.

Well isn’t everyone going to vote against it?

I think we might vote for it. It might be time to say that a zombie is a zombie. We can only let them terrorize us and take lives for so little more time.

How can we be so sure this is the only way?

Well, if you have to kill them, you know.

Do we have to kill them so quickly?

I think so. It certainly is urgent.

Maybe this way we don’t have to shoot them.

But it feels like a human atrocity.

It seems, perhaps the atrocity has already stricken us.

The executive board returned and they seemed somewhat sullen with what conclusions they had reached. They sat down and everyone came back to there seats.

We’ve reached an agreement on a steady, highly executed attack of chemical warfare, for a period of six years. After this, we will end all chemical initiatives, and switch entirely to excursion based attacks.

That seems like a long time.

The board feels that we have made it very evident just how important this chemical attack is to the future and continued existence of our species. This is the length of time we must wait before we can again carry out the se attack that we feel more comfortable with, these person to person, or person to zombie battles, rather than an impersonal and incredibly lethal warfare.

So that’s a long while before we anticipate to have the cure.

It is a compromise though it does give enough time to eliminate the threat of the zombies.

You’re going to kill all of them?

Just about, yes. I mean that’s how we’ll be safe again. And begin saving time while we come up with a habitable space science.

Maybe we have to really stop them quickly. They are getting worse.

If we don’t do something, it is only going to get much, much worse.

I’m not sure how I’m going to vote. I don’t think I can say now.

The vote will be silent. It will be a silent ballot, so don’t feel pressured by your peers into a stance. So, when you are prepared, we will pass out the ballots for you to sign.

Several members of the executive company had the ballots ready, and they brought them over and handed them out amongst the panel. For several moments it was quiet while everyone decided, perhaps formalizing, or thinking of changing there decision. The executives committee waited a few minutes before collecting the ballots and compiling them. Then they recorded and tallied the amounts for and against their proposal.

So whatever the final amount is, the executives and I fully plan to follow the vote of the citizens, unless we wholeheartedly feel that it was the wrong decision. We have counted the ballots and we will announce now what we have voted for.

The entire panel has come to conclusion that the best course of action, will be in fact to continue the plan with chemical warfare. A more detailed strategy will be developed and then we will begin more thorough warfare against the zombies then.

Do you think will be able to leave the compound one day?

It’s possible. Perhaps we will have a new compound, before we have to leave the planet. We will see how efficacious the strategy is. The safety of the compound is quite strong. I hope you aren’t feeling oppressed by this.

No, certainly not. Though there was an attack just earlier.

It’s certain that we haven’t discussed this yet. It is planned for the meeting. This was a very pressing issue, and an important vote though. I believe we were going to discuss it next, if everyone is ready after this vote now.

I think we’re ready to continue. Are we going to make decision about what to do about it now, while we are here?

I think it might be prudent. We don’t seem to be able to hold the man unless we decide something to do with him. It was a possible banishment.

So he surely wouldn’t survive.

We can’t say what will happen outside of the compound. Banishment was not meant to mean certain death. But given the peculiar situation, it would result in his immediate death.

I’m not sure if we can do that to someone.

I would want to banish him though.

It’s just that then he will die.

He hasn’t killed anyone, though. No, he hasn’t killed anyone yet.

He had attacked someone, and broken into the home. He made serious threats.

Well, are we in effect giving him a death penalty, or has he knowingly stepped over the line in a dangerous time?

I’m not sure. It’s difficult to say I suppose. I mean I suppose we could hold him here. We haven’t had a case previously. We will have to charge him under the criminal code.

But we’ve never done that before.

No one’s ever been upset before. We’re all alive.

This man seemed to be very troubled.

If we don’t banish him, what kind of message does it send? He needs to made an example of, and receive the only punishment that we have had so far.

Are you sure? Why do we have to make this kind of decision.

I mean, this could be an issue. It’s wise to have him not around. I mean he won’t be allowed on the compound again.

He can have a ban but be kept somewhere. I don’t think we can have not a ban from the compound areas.

We can surely uphold the ban, without having him left for dead outside the grounds.

Where might we keep him?

We can keep him in one of the buildings, near our main buildings. We can assign securities and have him locked in. We can’t disrespect his person if he stays in the compound.

But he won’t be able to escape.

No, there won’t be anyway. It may be a very long period that we keep him isolated. It doesn’t sound like he will be willing to reintegrate.

Do you think we can only leave him there now?

I don’t think we can really banish him, and we can’t assign him anything to do. He is too hostile, and it is too strange for someone to act out under these circumstances.

Why did he do it?

It was an infatuation. It was more that that. Maybe he was hiding an obsession. He seems to have lost his sense, and he doesn’t seem to want it back.

Maybe there are some people in the compound who weren’t as stable as we thought.

It’s possible. There is little way to investigate their past.

We can estimate, and everyone seem very happy here.

Well, numbers are never perfect. This was only one person. Do we need to vote on this or can everyone agree to hold him until further notice.

No I think we can agree on that. We don’t need to vote again.

Alright. Well let’s adjourn the meeting and we will discuss it when it is prudent. In the next meeting we will be making assignments for roving chemical attacks.

We can go home now?

It seems we’re all about finished up this evening.

Later that evening, I was sitting with … discussing how the meeting went, and what happened to the man that came in.

So he won’t be able to do that to anyone again.

No, he won’t be able to do that to us, ever again.

I know. I mean I’m worried about everyone’s safety. I’m sort of happy they didn’t banish him. It would have been sad if someone died.

No. I guess they couldn’t it’s too unsafe now. We couldn’t give someone capital punishment. Especially when he not killed anyone.

Didn’t he not seem just a little deranged.

Yea. I don’t know if something was getting to him. It’s difficult to tell I guess.

Well it was more that that.

Yea, he wasn’t at all with it, then.

I was scared.

I suppose you were. I was a little scared.

That’s nice. I don’t feel so bad about it then.

Really scared. More for you though. I’m glad you are okay, now.

Maybe I need therapy.

I’m not sure if we have that. I think you’ll be okay. It was only a fright, now that it’s over.

Are you scared now?

No. I think we’re safe now?

What about the zombies.

What zombies?

Haha. Funny.

I mean we’ll have to learn to live with these zombies. They proliferated. The roving attacks still have to combat their expansion.

Maybe at a certain point there’s no more people to infect.

I hand’t really thought about it that way.  I guess so. Once there all dead out there, they’re all dead.

But how many people are there on earth?

No. Most people only died.


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