Screenplay 1.4

By Asa Montreaux 

Int. apartment building.
Zac is returning home, and as he opens the door, Quinn is already home, and sitting on the couch, looking at her phone. Startled somewhat, Zac says, hey.
Quinn: Where were you?
Zac: Just on set.
Quinn: That was an extra-long day.
Zac: When you are busy, are you ever busy, you know?
Quinn: When you are busy…
Zac: [pauses for a sec] …are you ever busy.
Quinn: Well it’s ten pm.
Zac: Oh, is it. I suppose that’s the only time going on.
Quinn: I guess you think I’ll laugh?
Zac: Well it’d be nice.
Quinn: Mmm.
Zac: Anyways. Anything you need? It’s getting late.
Quinn: Just to sit and chat.
Zac: Oh alright.
Zac goes to sit with Quinn, and sits down a foot or two from him, and then she scooches over, and nestles against him. Whatever it was she was upset about, she seems to forget about.
Quinn: We’re just going to fuck, basically.
Zac: Oh, okay. If you’re not mad, then.
Quinn: Yea, I not am.
Zac: Mmm.
End scene.
Ext. Outside the apartment building, near the harbor, Zac is smoking alone, looking out into the harbor, thinking over all the things happening in his life. 

Zac: Well, there’s no point in saying I’m happy. This fucking sucks. The pays not high enough. The women don’t suck your dick good enough. And the end of the day, my art died before anyone ever saw it. Maybe before it let my lips. Because in the end, they don’t give a fuck, the producers, the directors, all of ‘em. It was just for money. That what life was, a bunch of things that didn’t add up to enough money, even after we sold them. And that’s what I’ve done. I’ve sold myself. 
He looked off into the distance, once last time, then he walked away, flicking the cigarette into the ocean. He began walking.
…Fifteen blocks later he found himself near the bars. It was too late, and they were closed, but if you walked a bit further, some of the clubs were still open. There was one place he knew that was open until morning, and had a nice bar area.
…At this hour there was no line up, and it was only half full inside. He headed right for the bar, though at least half the women in the club turned the heads and stared, wondering if it was who it was. He took a seat at the bar and immediately ordered two drinks to work on. He sits there for a while, trying to only look a little morose. 
The bartender eyes him and smiles, then she moves away. He sits twirling his drink. And then a woman approaches, and sits down beside him.
Zac: Can you go away please?
Woman: No. 
Zac: I’d prefer you did. Please.
Woman: I seriously thought you’d buy me a drink.
Zac: I wasn’t going to. 
Woman: You even would have fucked me. 
Zac: Is there nothing you can’t lie these days.
Woman: You would have.
Zac: Sure.
Woman: I’ll fuck you right now.
Zac: I’m busy.
Woman: I’ll let you fuck me in the ass and then I’ll suck the cum out of your dick.
Zac: [twirls his glass a little more, then puts it down] Well, okay.
Woman: Let’s go.
He follows her to the bathroom. And once inside, she pulls down his pants and sucks on it until it is fully hard. Then she pulls her pants down and turns around, and tell him to fuck her in the ass.
After a few minutes she puts herself into his hands and says to take her from the front. At the end of it she blows him, then rubs it all out, and catches it with her eyes closed, and then sucks every last bit out.
Woman: Yea babe.
Zac: Yea good one.
Woman: Yea.
Zac: Alright. [He moves to zip his pants back up, and she does the same.] I suppose I need to take your number.
Woman: Nah. See you out there. [And she walks out.]
Zac returns to the bar, though it’s gotten busier, and there’s only two seats available. One is next a woman, and the other is next to an older man, and he just chooses to sit next to the lady in ca se the guy is weird. 
And soon as he sits down, the woman begins speaking to him.
Woman: Hey. 
Zac: Uh, hi.
Woman: Are you?
Zac: Ah, yea. Yea, I is.
Woman: That’s hot. Can I blow you?
Zac: Ah, yea. Huh?
Woman: Like right now.
Zac: Sure. 
He follows her to the same bathroom. They basically od the same exact thing, and the camera is on the bathroom, for a ten fifteen seconds, as you hear them going doing the same thing.
In the next scene, Zac walks out of the bathroom first. Though on his way back to the bar, a woman stops him, and tries to take him by the hand.
Woman: Hey, come with me. Let’s dance.
Zac: Oh, no thanks.
She grabs at his hand, insisting.
Zac: Oh, alright.
She leads him near the front of the dance floor, and begins grinding on him. She dances with him for a minute or two, before she plants a huge kiss on his cheeks, and then makes out with him. After, she opens his zipper, and grabs his dick and throws it under her skirt and into her vagina. She mimes dancing as she fucks him. After a few minutes she cums lightly. And then moves away, saying thank you, and then she runs to the bathroom. For a second he doesn’t know quite what his next move is. Then another woman grabs him, and starts dancing with him, grinding on him twice as fast. And then she kisses him. All of the sudden, she says, Let’s get out of her. Oh, okay, Zac says.


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