Poem Feb 7

 By Asa Montreaux 

Golden, as I open my eyes,

Basically he woke up to the sun, 

Not his mother,

Hold it, focus, hoping,

Basically he needs to do more than say just focus, as his mother says this.

I can feel you take control (I can feel you take control)

Of who I am and all I've ever known

Loving you's the antidote

Basically the sun, representing the father, and the opposite of the mother, who you would see when first opening your eyes at birth, is the antidote to too close of an attachment with the mother, and the lack of feeling heroic, or really quite golden, if you will.

Anyways, this was god damn Harry Styles.

I wonder if I'm being real

Do I speak my truth or do I filter how I feel?

Basically Shawn’s been getting in trouble in the media telling fans they need to respect him and not just the other way around.

I wonder, wouldn't it be nice

To live inside a world that isn't black and white?

If we could all leave aside our prejudice, which is really what divides us, then we wouldn’t have those problems.

Right before I close my eyes

The only thing that's on my mind

This is the thing you think about the most, that gets you most excited, so that as you look back on your day it’s what you think about first.

Anyways, this was Shawn Mendes. 

The truth behind the lies,

Is that women were always just as important as men,

For 50,000 you’ll try to ransom me,

When it was 200,000 years that men and women were perfectly equal,

And the head of any society was a woman who wouldn’t die when tribes fought,

There really is no reason to be angry,

In the end it’s possible to have a right opinion, but does the media filter what we receive?

You can debate it, you can even debate whether someone gave you the right evidence,

There’s no knowing in your heart,  

Though the right thing is to admit your unhappiness, 

The right thing is to want change, without overthrowing,

The ethical decision is always to respect one another, and create more fairness, and justness,

And I think you’d find you need no evidence other than what you see as your eyes are open,

That the better world, approaching worlds only dreamed of, is agreeable upon a priori.


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