Dead Bod Man Fini Narrative





Fionae recovered in time. Physically, she began walking more and more regularly after her first one with Holden. Mostly just inside the hospital, but nonetheless she walked. She regained mobility most days, and she began to feel sturdier, and more comfortable on her feet, all the time.  

After a while, she was starting to walk without the support of the walker. Just very short distances at first. But eventually she could walk throughout the hospital. At a certain point, she could walk around the grounds for fifteen minutes or so. Around this time she was starting to feel more comfortable thinking about what happened. She could talk about some of the things that occurred, and she found it to be cathartic every time, and over time she felt less scarred from her encounter with the Dead Bod Man. 

When she didn’t have the energy for a walk, she often sat in the garden, coming to terms with everything, trying to find some silver lining… at least she was alive. At least now she was okay physically. She often thought, emotionally, that can only be around the corner, right? 

It didn’t occur over night, but two weeks went by where she thought could go home. Then a few days went by when she thought of having sex with Holden again for almost the whole day. She masturbated silently nearly the whole time. And at the point she felt she ready for sex again, she knew she was ready to go home. 

So after she told the hospital staff she was feeling okay, and ready to go home, she had an evaluation a day later, and then she was discharged. She planned to have sex with Holden again in exactly three days.



Holden was waiting for outside as she was rolled out in a wheelchair. He took her hand, and she happily put her hand in his, and they walked together to his Tesla. He helped her in the passenger seat, and then he got in the drivers’ seat, and they off back to their place. This was Holden’s as generally they had lived together, though the Dead Bod Man can throw a wrench in a lot of your plans. You find yourself in a whole lot of different places. 

They both felt comfortable at Holden’s, it was safer than her place was. She still kept it just in case, perhaps even just for convenience. But the important thing was someone being there for Fiona right now. The important thing was her not being alone.

And so staying with Holden once again was no-brainer. If there could be a reward for writer’s aside from their work, for just being the best human being, that was Holden. He was the best guy on the planet. 

Everything was familiar inside. There has been one issue. “Is the smell gone?” Fionae asked.

“Yes, in fact it was right next to you. And other than that, there was no remanence of him anywhere else. Just a few doors left open.”

“Okay. And they saw him outside my apartment, so this a lot safer anyways.”

“That’s right, he was in it too, he went through all of your things, stole some of your underpants and bras.”

“Yes, that’s right, and it wasn’t very cute at all. It was the worst serial killer of all time.”

“For sure it was no first timer, it was a very hardened criminal. The worst serial killer ever, in fact. Of course, of course.


Holden unpacked her suitcase for her, putting her clothes in the second bureau, and after watching him a few second, she had a huge urge to pull his dick out and give him a blow job. Was that sex, well it was better to wait, I guess. But she thought it was a good sign she wanted to have some kind of intercourse already. The more she thought about it, the more she really wanted his dick all in her mouth. She sort of kept her mind from thinking about him fucking her super hard. She could tell she’d be thinking about that by tomorrow. 



The next day, they prepared to spend most of the day inside. Fionae was just adjusting slowly. After breakfast, she sat down on the couch, and asked Holden to sit with her. She wanted to make out, and they had for ten minutes, getting very reacquainted with each other. Fionae wanted to bang very badly, just like she thought. By now, she liked imagining herself bouncing up and down on top of him, and she wanted it badly. She thought she could wait a couple more days though, and when they were done making out, she was around reading while Holden worked on a new book. 

He typed quietly while she lay around, not really getting up, and yawning occasionally. In fact she fell asleep around three pm, and napped all the way until dinner. 

They ate at the dining table, when they had roasted chicken, baked potatoes, a variety of vegetables. They dug into several wines, and they talked somewhat amusedly about art and literature and politics. 



The next day Fionae felt a little better still, and she had a similar day, reading lots. Instead of a nap, she went on a long walk accompanied by Holden, through the neighborhood streets. 

In the night time, after dinner, she lay on Holden’s shoulder, more his arm, and they watched movies they hadn’t seen yet from the collection on Netflix.



Then on the day after that, Fionae had been feeling a lot better. After breakfast, Holden was just rinsing off the dirty dishes. She got up from the breakfast table, and walked over to the sink. She got down on her knees, unzipped him, and pulled his dick out. She started sucking just like she’d given a blow job yesterday. She wanted a fuck bad and it had been on her mind all morning. She thought of how hard she wanted him to bang her, and she sucked just like that. 

She motioned for him to get up on the counter, and and once he was on it, she jumped on his dick, and started fucking a little more slowly at first. Eventually she was fucking him super hard.

This was it, exactly the fucking thing she wanted, the thing she had dreamed about the last few weeks, the last month. She knew she was going to come by halfway through, and it just made her fuck harder. Holden handled it find, and she liked knowing her boyfriend was tough. She thought maybe one time she would even like to fuck so hard they would be one step away from the Dead Bod Man’s pace. She didn’t want to rip him up at all, he didn’t want to rip her up at all, but what if they just stopped right before that.

She closed her eyes and sunk his dick into her cunt while she fucking came. It happened a few times. And then she grabbed the sink hose, climbed off him, and ran the water down his stomach. She sucked his dick as hard as she could, while the water ran down onto it, it was the moistest feeling you could imagine, and there was never a louder sound of a blow job ever, she gurgled the water while she fit the whole cock in her mouth, and he came into it, while she had it all shoved in. 

She let it out and then said fuck yeah. Semen oozed out her lips, and she took a finger, lipped it up, and swallowed every last drop of his cum. She wanted one last thing, and so she held him in her arms for a tight hug, while her breathing returned to normal, and meanwhile she thought well this is life, this is sex.



After that, she sat having a coffee with him, her hand cupped over his. It was warm, hot almost, even though she filled half with milk. A few things ran through her mind about the last few months. Mostly things about the last couple weeks. Walking back and forth in the room, cramps in her legs. Trying to get her motivation back. Trying to want to have fun.

Some of her thoughts swirled to the Dead Bod Man. It was all terribly unpleasant, and she tried to block out, like she knew was the best option. There was no way to heal from it, while she was experiencing this moment.

She drank the last drops of the coffee. That, combined with the sex, made her feel very awake. She pushed aside, and pulled herself onto the table. 

She pushed forward some. She rested her stomach on the table, leaned forward. She tugged his pants down a little, and plunged her face right into his dick. She held the edges of the table as she moved up and down, giving him head.

She gripped the table tightly, and took big dives at his dick, landing the whole thing in her mouth, and throat, like she was fucking it. 

She spit it out, her saliva spilling everywhere. She took him for another round, twirling her head to give him the sensation of it sideways.

After she told him to life up the coffee cups. She told him to get on top of her. She grabbed his penis from behind her, and guided it into her ass. He places his hands the sides of the table, and almost laying on top of her, he started fucking her. 

The first time they had anal since her recovery was going to go slower right? He paced himself, and each heave she seem to feel deeply, each one visibly almost sent an orgasm through her.

She seemed comfortable. She lifted her arms up in the air, and put her arms around his biceps. “Harder,” she said.

He started fucking her harder. Her butt squished while cum oozed from her pussy onto the table. 

“Harder,” she said. He fucker her a little harder.

“Right now,” she said. “Destroy me.”

He thought if she seemed ready, then they have sex, really have sex, right now. “Okay,” he said. He fucked her hard, almost as hard as when they usually get hardcore. And she moaned and pleasantly screamed exactly like a woman getting the hot sex she wants. 

He moved his hands, and pulled away from her some, because he wanted to cum. But she just said, “stay with me, no.” Then she said, “Cum right in my ass.” 

He started moving faster again, up to the same pace, going deep to really make him cum. 

Another minute, and he was definitely ready to blow. He let out a moan, and she spread her legs a little more, so he go blow right in her, and he couldn’t hold it anymore, he let it fly, up her ass, into her rectum, and he slowed down to rest as the last bit of his cum dripped into her asshole.



They put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and headed for the bathtub. They filled it up, soaking themselves as soon as it was half fill, they soaked in it. When it was full, Holden turned it off. Fiona had been laying in his lap over top of him. She turned over and dunked herself in the water, submerging all her hair, and then she brought her head out, and flicked the water from her hair. She submerged her head again, and put Holden’s flaccid penis in her mouth. She warmed it up with good fellatio, and then she brought her head and took a few breaths. Then she went to work, sucking it powerfully, with her head full submerged. Every ten seconds or so, she bring her up, catch her breath, and then do some more. She did it for ten minutes, then she got on her knees in the bathtub, and put her ass up in the air. She wanted Holden in the cunt. 

This time she was even more ready, “Pound me as hard as you can, babe,” she said.

He fucked her heard, about as hard as he could. She splashed some water up, so I smacked loudly in the air, between her ass, and his pelvis. 

“Give it to me, give it to me,” she said.

They fucked like that for another ten minutes, almost eleven minutes. Then she motioned for him to grab her ankles. He held her upside down and she had one hand on the bottom of the tub, one of the edge of it. Her head was under water, while she arched her pussy towards his dick, and he inserted it, and started fucking just as hard. 

When she needed a breath, she’d lift her head up to the side, breathed deeply, and then put it down for more.

Sometimes she’d scream passionately, almost for effect, the muffled sound vibrating through the water.

At a certain point, she said, I’m going to cum! And he could barely understand what she said.

He was pretty sure she heard what he said, but he didn’t really prepare in anyway, and when she came, it landed on his stomach, thick cum, shooting in a wide arc.

She motioned for him to put her down, and she got on her knees, sucked his penis hard. And when she thought she was ready to come she asked him if he was. He said yea, and she closed her eyes and put her forehead right in front of his dick. He jacked his penis hard, and he came right onto her forehead. It oozed down, past her eyes, onto her lips and mouth, on to her chin. She licked some in, then she threw hair down, got the cum all over her hair, waving it around on her face. Then she took a strand, and sucked all the cum off. Then she did that with another five, six strands. Then she ate all her cum off Holden’s chest, and licked every bit of his left on his dick, and then they flipped the drain on.

The water drained quickly, and then they turned the shower on, and showered together, before they toweled off and put new clothes on. 



They relaxed together, and Fionae watched the news as Holden wrote some notes for his novel, and watched a little. Fionae needed to rest to recover of course, though basically they thought they’d do that now, as they need to go pick up some new things for her, like new towels, some new makeup, some new books. Novels would keep her occupied while she sat around and recovered. 

They would also need groceries. Some more things that she liked, something for dinner. Obviously you can’t leave enough for two people around in the fridge, when just one person is eating, it would go bad.

She felt he had typed a lot of notes. It seemed to be more than a page. At the same time, the tv program was not quite over. It was a fairly impressive pace. 

Meanwhile she was sure he was thinking of her as well, thinking about whether she felt one hundred precent okay physically, and emotionally as well. She had right now. She was not very interested in the news now. The last segments were not very interesting. 

She looked at Holden, though he didn’t move his eyes from his notes. She thought she’d really tried to grab his attention. Lightly, she grabbed his dick. He stopped typing. As she stroked it broadly, he looked at her. She nodded a couple times, miming gimme, and she got on top of him, helped him unzip himself and get his pants off, and then she sunk him in and started humping him. 

She rode him with her clothes on for a while. Then she pulled her shirt off, over her head. She puts his hands on her tits, while she unzipped her pants, still riding him. She slid them off without moving much, an then she pulled her g-string up and massaged her clit while she fucked him. 

She told him grab the remote and turn it on really loud, there were sound of a Middle Eastern conflict, sound of politicians having news conferences, sports highlights being quickly covered. 

Once the volume was higher, she relaxed, and really went at him. She bounced right on his organs, knowing he’d be okay. To be honest he’d be a little sore.

She had another coffee, and she took a sit, then moved down to his dick, and sucked it. He could feel the heat of it, and she sucked it super quick. She took another drink of it, a little bit of oozing down his dick the next she sucked, and the pain was almost simmering hot, especially as her lips first touched his penis. 

She did this for a while, and he felt the pleasure of it. Then she got ready to ride him again. First, she took his pants off, and his boxers, and his shirt. Then she grabbed the coffee, and poured it on his dick. She waited a minute for it to cool, and the she hopped on, using the coffee as a lubricant. 

She fucked as hard as she could, moaning again. “Fuck yea,” she screamed. 

After a couple minutes, she slipped in the ass, and this time not holding back at all, she fucked as hard as she could, before she threw him right back in the front, coffee oozing out her pussy, and down his dick at this point. 

She kept doing that for a while, then got up and sat on the coffee table. She bent over, and she grabbed the remote. She took both batteries out, and shoved them both in her pussy. She inserted Holden right into her ass, and she poured a little more coffee over his dick with her other hand. She massaged herself with batteries while they were having anal sex. 

They fucked like that for a good ten minutes, then she grabbed a black blanket of the couch, and put it over her face. “Cum all over me like I’m the Dead Bod Man,” she said.

He jacked off, until he came, all over the blanket pull around her mouth and nose, and then she turned it around, wiped it all over her mouth, and then drank down all the cum. 

She leaned over to him, and kissed his chest twice, then she got up and went to the sink.



They went out for dinner, as Fionae was anxious to do something out of a sitting environment. They chose a restaurant they go to often that serves Japanese food. Afterwards, there is a spot they know, a nightly rental apartment, that sets above an aquarium. Beneath the floor of the apartment is the Killer Orca’s tank. Six of them swim around, that you can see through the glass floor. It is several layers thick, finished so that you can’t break through it. 

They took the blankets off the bed, and layed them atop the tank. Fionae layed on her back above the blankets, and Holden ate her out, while they could smell the aquatic elements of the tank, and they could smell the flesh, and excrements of the Orca’s. 

At a certain point Fionae turned around, and made a triangle with her body, and he banged her that way, with no reason to think he’d break the glass floor. 

Afterwards, Fionae held built-in bar stool, as Holden held in the air a little, and still banged her. She could see the Orca’s swimming around in the tank directly beneath her, and she felt flayed a live, she felt strung just above them.

They were ready to come so she turned over, and he shot in her face, with just the tank behind her head. Then Holden went down on her as she came up in the air. And afterwards, he grabbed the blankets, and they lay back in the bed, falling asleep.



The next morning, they drove home, and pulled into the parking garage around 9 30. Holden held Fionae’s hand as they climbed the hill in the parking garage to the elevator, and all the way up to the room. They got off on their floor. Holden inserted the key into the door, and swung it open. 

And then it happened. He had been standing right there, in the dark, in their apartment. And all of the sudden, two darts hit them. He shot one dart at Holden, and one dart at Fionae. And they both went down in second. The Dead Bod Man had done it again. They were both recaptured. And they were captured together now.




Who is the Dead Bod Man? He’s the mother fuckin’ baddest baddy on the whole fucking Earth. Ain’t no one badder anywhere. There’s no gang even that reeks as much fuckin’ havoc as me. I’m the baddest of the baddest killa’s there ever fucking was.

And who the fuck gets off? Who the fuck gets off one hundred times each and every day. The mother fuckin’ Dead Bod Man, just me, and not anyone else on the entire fuckin’ earth. You might not have noticed, but it’s every mother fuckin’ day I’m getting’ off inside of a bod. Sometimes it’s a dead bod. Sometimes, at first it’s a live bod. Then after it’s afuckin’ dead bod that I’m mother fuckin cranked at least thirty times, maybe three thousand. Fuckin’ cunt, all the Dead Bods out there that don’t know it. They’re fuckin’ soon to be.

So if you weren’t aware of the Dad Bod Man, you’ve been made aware. No one fucks with me, no fucks better than me, and no one fucks more than me. Have you heard of an opinion. Well forget about those, because I only give you the fuckin’ facts.

You think I hadn’t captured those mother fuckers? You think some fucker hadn’t told you about it already?

I’m sure this book we’re puttin’ together for you made that clear. Well I fuckin’ caught the fuckers. Like the most pro fuckin’ predator of all time. Better than a Cheetah, better than a Lion, better Cougar, just straight fuckin’ gangster, and straight fuckin’ deadly as mother fuckin’ fuck. Fuckin fuck yeah.

So I captured, and are they hanging off a cooking stick, over a fire. No, not right now. Not yet. There fuckin sittin’ down there. In my fuckin’ bunker, just fuckin’ lovin’ every fuckin’ second. Of my fuckin’ torture. There just fuckin’ havin’ the tiem of their lives. Their just getting fuckin’ mutiliated. Their getting’ fuckin’ destroyed. Ain’t nothin’ nobody can do about either. Have you noticed a fuckin’ interlude? Had you? Had you fuckin’ noticed that.

I had to build a WHOLE new bunker some other mother fuckin’ place. You think I’ll tell you were it is but I am not even fuckin’ gonna drop a single hint in any way whasofuckin’ever. I’ll tell you where they fuckin’ are, you don’t get to know where they fuckin’ are, that’s where they fuckin’ are. But readers it’s not you I mean to insult, keep on fuckin’ readin’. But please jack! And jack and jack and jack. I know you had, because my shit is so fuckin’ hot. You’d not see it comin’ when you picked this book up, but I filed it with so much hot shit, all the dames and all the dudes will be jackin’ for centuries. And don’t you ever fuckin’ say I told you where they are, I not fuckin’ had.

Now I’m watchin’ em. I got a fuckin’ glass wall, really tinted. Of course it is one fuckin’ way even it’s one of those. In fact this seems to be my new favorite hobby, I’m even loosen’ interest in other hobbies. I just fuckin’ sit there and I’m fuckin’ twerking as fuckin’ hard as I fuckin’ can, peerin’ through the fuckin one side glass. Just for fuckin’ hours they can’t tell I’m watchin’. They’re talkin’ and talkin’ like I can’t hear, and I’m just losin’ my shit on my dick. And when they’re gone to the bathroom I have to force myself to keep my eyes open, cause I’m fuckin’ lovin’ every fuckin’ second of it to the point where I’m nearly in a dream. But I keep watchin’ every second to make sure I don’t miss even one thing. 

I think I might have jacked for twenty-four hours straight. Did you know I write that fuckin’ slow? I barely had a second to even update this story I’m writin’ for yea! Oh fuck yea, Oh my god. Are you getting in on this? Oh my fucking god.



Now I’m getting really pissed off. I’m going to have to leave my jackin’, to do my second favorite hobby. Can you BELIEVE these fuckers. They’re going to make me leave my hobby for my second favorite hobby. So that’s kickin’ the crud out of them, and torturing them, so that’s what I’m going to go do now. These mother fuckers are the worst kind of fucker they’re ever was, making me go to do my second favorite hobby. Unbeleivable.

I unlock the gate. Slam it closed, locked it again. I walk right up to them, livid, absolutely pissed off, and I put on my spiked knuckles. And the first thing I do I slam that stupid Fionae across the fuckn’ face with em’. I just felt die fuckin’ a-hole! Then I unzip her onesie that I’ve made her wear every day for weeks and she’ll surely wear till’ she dies, and I just beat her pussy with the knuckles. Fuckin’ bam, bam, bam, one after the other. And she screams so fuckin’ loud every mother’ fuckin time. Every mother fuckin’ thrust. Every one she gives the howl of a fuckin’ lifetime. The mother’ fuckin’ a-hole. Then I just stick my dick right in. Fits like a glove right around the rushin’ blood. And I just fuck her guts out. Not literally yet, but some of them are flyin’ in the air as I bang her. And meanwhile she’s still screamin’ now. She’s like ahhhhhhh. And no one can fuckin’ her hear way down her, way way underground in my new layer, which is in the middle of fuckin’ nowhere anyways. Fuckin’ lady. Sex God of the past, no one can fuckin’ hear you!!!!!!!!!!!



You think I’m fuckin’ done there? Then I fuckin’ slap her upside the side of the face. I garb a chair and fuckin’ brake it over her body like a wrestler but for fuckin’ real. If you were looking for not a faker, then that was me, and that fuckin’ person you’ve been fuckin’ looking for. If you didn’t know it, it was I, the fuckin’ Dead Bod Man.

Your boy. All this shit I did. No worries. No fuckin’ worries whatsoever. So I wasn’t done. I did have somethin’ planned a little more than fuckin and fuckery. I take my fuckin’ lighter out and I pull her leg up and hold it the in the air. 

‘Who do you love,’ I ask her.

‘Holden,’ she says.

‘Ya,’ I say. Then I fuckin’ light her whole foot on fire. 

‘Noooo!’ She screams.

‘Tell me who you love.’

‘I love… I love the Dead Bod Man.’

‘What did you just say to me?’ And I add more fuel to the fire.

‘I love the Dead Bod Man!’

‘Good,’ I say. But I let it burn a little more, the way it is. I count to ten. A little slower than normal time. Then I take my handkerchief and haphazardly smother it out. I still got her mother fuckin’ hands tied up, and I leave it smoldering a little. And I drop her leg. 

She’s fuckin’ tryin’ to rub it along the dirt. Suppose that work a bit. Whatever. I’m fuckin’ out there. I gotta get the jack out of me before the pleasure of all a this is gone. 



I have never felt so much pain in my entire life. That monster, who I would never confuse for a man, lit my right foot on fire. Oh my god. My foot is obviously going to be burned for the rest of my life. What amount of surgery could possibly fix it.

Is it okay? Am I gong to be able to walk on this? Right now I can’t be totally sure, but like, probably. It seem okay. The shape is their. I could feel my skin melting in the flame, but the tissue inside it felt only warm. Sure it was hot on the edges. But I knew if it didn’t go on much longer I’d still have my foots.

I’d like Holden’s opinion, but he’s tied up right now. So in my opinion it’s going to be alright, and I sure hope Holden can have sex in socks.

The flames are almost gone now. I place my bottom of my foot on the ground. How does it feel? It honestly hurts a lot. But the pain did not go right through my foot. I think I am still walking in the future.

I look at Holden. We lock eyes. He begins to cry. I have to cry as well. Suddenly tears are running down my face, and they are running down his as well.

The inability to do anything is agonizing. I close my eyes and I think of Holden eating my pussy. It makes me feel the pain a little less. ‘Holden, I want you to eat me, the first chance you get, okay.’

‘Okay,’ he says.

“And not like the dead bod man, you know.’

‘Yea, I knew, I knew what you meant.’

‘Good, good.’ I say. ‘Holden, you can still fuck me can’t you?’

‘Yea, that foots going to be fine. I think surgery can fix a third of that burn for sure.’

‘For sure, and what are socks for?’

‘I’ll fuck you with your sucks on. Fine. And I’ll fuck you with them off.’

‘Then you’ll always be my guy.’ I said. ‘And Holden.”


‘Let’s get out of here in one piece.’

‘Done. Let’s make it happen.’

There was noise coming from another room. Just like one over. It was the loudest beating I’d ever heard. It was in the other room, but…

‘Is he doing what I think he’s going?’ I ask.

‘He’s crazier than we thought.’

‘Oh my god.’

‘He’s so sick.’

‘I know.’ I say. ‘Honey, he’s watching us.’

‘There’s glass there.’

‘It must be one way.’

‘Then he’s watching.’

‘Now we know. There’s some way out of this.’

‘Yea. No. Maybe.’

‘Just believe me.’




Do you suffer from mother fucking excessive stress? I know you fuckers do. Well look no further than myself, I can show not just how to have no stress, but fuckin’ negative stress. Like ahhhhhhhh. Do you have a Dead Bod?

I didn’t think so. No one is as good as me. Maybe get at good at gettin’ one of those of your own. Me I got one all the time. And twenty in stow. I’m grabbin’ it and going to town on it’s a-hole. If you experience any blueness of the dick, that’s nothin’, and just keep going. Don’t ever fuckin’ think twice about that. You fuckin’ hear?

Don’t mother fuckin’ ever think twice about that shit. Now I grabbin it’s arms and pulli’ em so hard there’s almost tearin off. Ain’t holdin’ nothin else while I pound its ass. Got a nifty one, I do sometime. Slit its chest, and now I fuckin it’s heart. My dicks goin’ boom, boom against it’s hear. And I’m gonna cum. 

I drop a load all over the dead chick’s heart. Oh my fucking god, nothing would complete you, could compelte, more in the earth, in the stars, in the universe. Oh my fuck… Aghggh. Just emptyin’ it like cortisol all over the walls of that fucker. Ughh heart, take that. Ugghh.

How could you cum on a person’s soul? I’d say it’s a bit like that. You just get it all over their heart. And if they WERE alive, your cum would be going all through essence, all through being and soul, they be fucked so good, you about own them. Like God, making proper Christians of them all and your Christ. 

Where are those fuckers. I bound out. And I burst into their chamber. I march up to Fionae, and I am so fucking livid. I am going to take this one’s heart for a cum, even if it means killing it before I have hardly even played with it. 

I lean down and hold her by her throat. ‘Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t cut your heart out right now?’

She gives me no response.

‘Huh? Would you die? You would die. Is that a reason?’

‘Yes,’ she replies.

‘Alright. That is a reason.’ What I want right now is to cum on a live heart. I don’t think anything can stop me.

‘Alright I won’t cut it out. But I’m going to perform an open heart. Sometimes they die during these. So just bear with me.’

‘No,” she complained.

‘Shut your mouth. I’m fuckin’ doing it.’

I ready myself to make the cut. I mean I would love nothing more than to get to toy with my prey for a couple months here. I mean I have been planning it since the second they got here. That’d be a lot of thought lost if nothing came of this. 

So I’m ready to go. And I hover the knife right above the sternum. Then I fuckin cut. And she’s screamin, being cut open alive, having everything around her heart carved and such.

I am freakin’ jokin that I care a lot, and I am cutting it up like fuckin speed art. Boom, bada big, bada boom. Hmm. Hehmmmm. Hmm. Hehmmmmm. Like fuckin’ music. Oh my fuckin’ god it’s the best fuckin’ stuff. 

Almost there, got a lot of the bone cleared. I can’t fuckin’ stand the end. That’s when you might screw up abit, plus you’ve been workin’ so fuckin long. The beginning, when you dig it deep, and just fuckin’ let the blood gush everywhere, that is fuckin’ parfait. Aggh, finger lickin’ good. But… when that heart is finally ready for a little watering, oh man, that’s the fuckin’ best.

So this part is like right before the finish line in some marathon, and then I get that finished, cum ready opening, just like crossing the finish line. I think it’s fuckin’ ready, I step back, admire my work about. And voilĂ , I have never seen something so ready for the cum department to cum along and fill it up.

I toss the cutting tool up in the air and I grab my dig, and I’m off to work on part deux. Oh fuck yea. Oh my fucking god. 

I need a little more of a warm up. I’ve got Holden tied, so I walk over to him, and flip him over. Don’t fuckin’ move I tell him. And I pin him and put my dick deep in his ass, and start pounding the fuck out of him.

‘You think this is some fucking game?’ Holden doesn’t answer. But I grab his neck and choke him really hard while I’m doing this, like I’m fuckin’ jokin but not really. His head turnin’ a little purple, as I’m startin’ to feel the pleasure of the cum, it’s just like thirty second off now. 

I grab his head now, and slam it on the fuckin ground, and I’m sure I fractured his skull just a little. He doesn’t pass out, but he’s fuckin’ dazed. And I fuck his ass as hard as I can. Fifteen seconds left, and I get out of the ass, and I walk back to Fionae, and I start jackin’ right above my cum whole. I have never jacked so fuckin’ fast. Wait for it, wait for it, and bam!!!!! I cum. And I Cum all in her fuckin’ chest, and every fuckin’ bit lands right on her hand. And I own this fuckin’ woman’s soul while she fuckin’ lives. Don’t mess what the Dead Bod Man. Fuck yea.

That’s fucking right. Oh my god. And I can see it, white puddles, bouncin’ up and down on top of her scared heart. She be pumpin’ my semen ‘stead of her blood for fuckin’ eons to come. Ain’t nobdy ever been as good as nothing as the Dead Bod Man. I close the chest up a bit, then I leave her lying there, and I got back to my chamber to fuckin wack my brains out, most about all the shit that just what down. Fuckin’ fuck yea.



On to part goo. I know you want to fuckin’ hear it. Oh my god, I am wacking so fuckin’ hard. Uggh. Uggh. I am tuggin’ so hard, bloods flyin’ everywhere so hard, there’s even some on the ceiling. 

Aggghhh. And where am I going to land this, one, on the fuckin’ ceiling. Oh my god, every time I think of cumin’ on that woman’s heart for the rest of my life, I’m going to have to stop and blow one out, and all over some strangers face after I beat them up and threw them on the ground, or on a Dead Bod. Oh my GOD. Ahghahghahgh. Yes. YES. YES. COME ON. COME ON.

I’ve got something in the fridge. It’s Holden’s foreskin. I cut it off while he was awake. I take it out and I’m jackin’ full out in every way. And I fuckin’ burst on his foreskin, all over it. And that thing is going to be cracklin’ with my cum for centuries while I have in this fridge or that fridge. Fuck yea. Take that you stupid fucker. That was not bad. But I can’t fuckin’ wait for tomorrow. In fact they better something, anything at all, because that’s all it is going to take for me move the schedule fuckin’ ahead, and just about fuckin’ kill em’ and fuck em’.



Lucky for them, they were quite most of the night. I decided to leave them alone for a bit. No one interrupted my divine jacking, and I almost considered just letting them live another day, because that’s what this was, something so rough they might die. I was playing with letting them live last night, then this night, I was just playing with them, was there really even any difference? There wasn’t. Anyways, now there dead.

I knew what I needed to do when I went in there, and I met them with a cauterizing iron, and two lemons. ‘Good day, shit head, and shit head,’ I said to them. ‘You ready for your greatest test yet?’

‘Test? You’re just torturing us!’ Holden yelled.

‘Well, that is true. But all torture is a test of toughness. You don’t know who you are, until you have been through horrible torture.’

‘So what have I prepared for you today? You may ask this. The answer is the ultimate test of all time. I am not going to cauterize your chest, or your cheek. If you guessed am I going to cauterize, I am. I am going to cauterize your rectum!!!!’

‘You can’t do that! Anyone would die from the pain.’

‘Hmm. Well, funny you should ask, because I would know. Some die, some will live. It depends on the toughness of the test subject. The weak will die, the strong will live. So, prepare to discover whether you deserve to be a member of the human race. Though, in the end, I will kill you.’

‘All of you serial killers are the same. It’s all about you, then you kill them!’

‘Well, yes. Yes, and no. Serial killer? I surely am. But I am a pleasure master. And I am the greatest at both of all time!’

No response. Then I said, ‘Well, who’s first? I guess I’ll decide. You mother fuckers!!!!!! Hmm. Ah. Holden, yes, you first. Come here. Oh wait, you’re tied up. I’ll come to you.’

I marched over to the fucker, and I kicked him over onto his back. Then I started lighting the iron with my match.

‘Oh, you fuckers are gonna get it.’

It wasn’t ready right away. Five minutes of lighting the fucker, I aimed it, and then stuck it right up Holden’s ass. What made the fucker think I wasn’t going to break his anus? I told him he’ll probably die. I hod it there a full minute.

Then I take it out, his shit spilling out of his rectum everywhere. And I fuckin love that shit. So I jam my dick in, and poo flying everywhere, I fuck the shit out of him once again. I fucking destroy his asshole. All the poo, all the heat, everything. Just fucking destroying… everything.



Next it’s time for that other asshole Fionae. ‘Well, one lover, then the other,’ I say.

I have some poo on me, it’s pretty much all over my dick, flecked with big bits of blood. There’s some on my hand but whatever.

‘So how’s Holden doing?’

She didn’t answer right at first. ‘Oh you’d better fuckin’ answer. It’d be a lot better if you fuckin’ answered. Are you gonna fuckin’ answer for me?’ 

‘Yes, he’s okay.’

‘Well, that’s a stretch. I destroyed that fucker real good. But he’s alive. That’s for sure.’ I looked at her, looking to see if she was scared. She didn’t look scared enough. That was going to change. ‘Now. Time for your fuckin’ turn. And you my dear, have a much better chance of dying. You could say, it’s your fuckin’ year.’

I use the hot iron, and turn her over. I press her back all the way to the ground with it. And then I start sizing up the hole, and planning the procedure.

‘Well I’ll get my mudfuck. Don’t you worry. I need that to be perfect. But whether you live, that’s up to some god out there!’ 

I plunge it it, and bam, this one ruptures in a second. She’d really had to use the bathroom, poo from this beautiful creature flew up all the way to my face. I lick some off with my tongue. Then I take the iron and swing at her mid-section. ‘Whaam!!!’ I scream.

‘What’s the use of use other than fucking!!!! The true use of a woman is just to take it, and then die!!!!!’

While she was bleeding and dying was the perfect opportunity for some fellatio. I lean over in that fucking awful beautiful creature’s face, and I yell, ‘Suck my fucking cockkkk!!!!!’

My dick’s always handy and out around the bunker. And she does it. She’s suckin’ it. And I’ve trained her up at this point so that when she’s suckin’ it, she sucks like she likes it, and makes it real good. It’s the best fellatio of all time because she fuckin’ hates me, but she’s suckin’ it so good!!!

‘Is it like I fuckin’ paid you, huh!!!! Tell me you fucking love me!!!!!!’

‘I love you, sir Dead Bod Man.’

‘That’s more like it.’ I roar with excitement. 

That goes on for fifteen minutes or so. Then I reckon it’s time I get my mud fuck, or it’s not going to be really prime. 

‘Now’s the time for cooking the hen honey.’

She stops suckin’, and shaking, she turns around and presents her but to me. And I fuck away like nothing had ever been more religious than it, it was an experience of being God and lookin’ down everyone itself.’

‘Oh my God,’ I scream. ‘Oh my goddd!!!!!! You, I want to hear you say it to!!!!’

She goes, ‘Oh my god. Oh my god. Fuck yea.’

Her voice really quiver on the fuck yea cuz she’s bleedin’ and probably feeling pain like hell. And I fuckin’ like it. That’s exactly what I fuckin’ want, and by now I cum and I am just gonna keep fucking until I cum again another five times. Maybe she’ll still live. But long live the Dead Bod Man.



After her butt is a mess with poop and blood everywhere, blood still gushing out of her rectum. Blood and poop everywhere on the floor. Typical. Successful. Succulent. Fuck ya.

‘Now give it to me dirty! Oh wait, you had!!!’

Now that’s what I am talking about it. We fucked like we were in love. ‘It’s not that hard to fuckin’ take it from the Dead Bod Man. We’re ten times closer than we ever were!!!!’ And then I left her there, just fuckin dying. No need to even tie em’ back up. I’ll give em’ freedom of that, see if they jack, and see if they feel a bit better. Really I don’t care, it’s just an experiment. 

I head back to my layer, and I know you want to hear about it, oh my god, I jacked so good. There was fuckin’ semen all over the control panels, all over the window as I watched both those idiots bleedin’ out. It was the best of the best stuff.


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