The Truth About Drugs

The Truth About Drugs

By Asa Montreaux

Have you ever wondered what the hell is in street drugs?

One driving by a seedy part of Vancouver, I saw someone take a pill out a bottle. A generic bottle, like from a pharmacy. What could the medication have been. What could have been the pill inside? Well, theoretically anything. 

But the man pulled out the pill, and peed on it. Almost within a few seconds, someone walked up aside, he had been walking from at least a block away. He seemed to have just missed seeing that. And he took it from him. Just one exchange. But after, you could see in the man’s hand, as he opened it, bills, which he began to stretch with the other hand.

One day in a Walmart I saw the same thing. A man picked up a random medication in the pharmacy. He waited around until he thought no one was watching, he snatched it up, put it in his pocket, and started walking to the entrance. 

At the entrance, he had already pulled it out before he exited the store, but the security guard failed to see most of it. I observed from a self-checkout right by the entrance. I’d been in line long enough to witness the man’s exit. 

Right after he got out of the store, he took a pee on the pills. Then, in the same pattern, just about thirty seconds later, a man came along. A young man, and he took the pills. He took them, said something, and then walked swiftly away. This man now had bills in his hands. 

What were the pills supposed to be? The security guards said what the young man had asked is where they mdma pills? The other man had asserted yes.

So, what is mdma…? It’s anything. It’s anything a thief thought would screw you up. It could do about nothing, or it could kill you. Likely it wouldn’t. But you didn’t know what they ingredients of it were, even a little. It wasn’t the ingredients you read on the internet. It was not a love drug.  It was actually just a ploy to get your money.

Why did the man pee on it? Well, it was to poison you. And it’s not what you think. This is the ingredient. It will give you the sensation of being high. When your body fight a poison, you develop a fever, and you will feel nauseous, and strange. You also feel quite bad. So, after the adrenaline rush of taking them for the first time, it may be every single time you will have a trip that is unpleasant. Almost every aspect of it will be unpleasant.

That does lead me to my next point. What is marijuana? It is really just a grass. Notice that you will get a certain kind, and quality of grass in British Columbia, then you would get in California, or Mexico. In fact, what you get in Mexico is obviously the lower quality thing, because it is the driest grass. In fact, it was just hay. So, what might grass taste or smell like? Like three things. Like lawn grass, like fertilizer, and like dog pee. Everyone fertilizes their lawn. And did anyone wash all this grass for you? No. So what does weed do? It poisons you with fertilizer, so that you achieve the same kind of high as when you take an mdma pill.

There is an added ingredient here too, as grass is often associated with the taste of fertilizer, which is often manure or just poo. So poo, with a blackish color, will be mixed into normal grass, and you will have a product the color of weed. And this will give you a kind of poisoning that fills your lungs and disrupts their functioning, and gives you a norovirus infection causing very red eyes.

The smoke inhalation will burn your lungs, and limit your oxygen levels, just like running into a burning building for a minute. This would be the other effect of weed. So that’s it, that’s what the gateway drug does. It has just been a familiar poison, and it has smelled terribly. You really have to be convinced to like the smell, and to like the drug. It’s likely that anyone that thought it was a very good experience was just not feeling well. 

What is the reality of the kingpin drug… heroin? Well, Vancouver is a very scary place. We have a lot of drugs around. The reality is it is a solution of alcohol and toilet water. In East Vancouver high schools, it is an epidemic. And they made it in the bathrooms. In it is their pee and some poopie water, to give it that black color. 

Inevitably from several injections of heroin you will start to get black scarring around your wounds, and your veins will become infected and turn dark around the wound. It is the same kind of high, but the instant injection to your bloodstream can be very addictive, as you did it feel it immediately. 

Sometimes it is extremely strong, though obviously unpleasant, as large amounts of rat poison and household chemicals can be added to the solution.

Obviously, this was a problem with marijuana and mdma. They are often laced with these things too. Especially mdma pills.

And what is crack? It’s actually just baking soda and caffeine pills. It will burn your nose, at the same time you had felt something. Snorting caffeine will get it into your bloodstream quite a bit faster. Someone will pee on it and mix in small bits of fecal matter to poison you from that. And there will be a significant amount of rat poison, bleach, and other household chemicals in the powder. 

So why do drugs? They were not what they were purported to be. They were a fake product. I mean who thinks they can trust someone just standing on a street corner, with no legitimate business operational, anyways? The reality is you shouldn’t trust them at all. They had not cared at all what your experience was, they just wanted to make a quick buck. And the reality is, they had cared so little what was in the product, and they had wanted to convince you it had a bang so much, that the prospect of taking it is a life and death decision. It is often a lethal concoction, and while it may have something to do with your body mass, or the health of your kidneys, no one is safe. Anyone can suffer a drug overdose. And often a drug overdose does lead to death.

Please do realize that pressuring people to take these when there will not be a pleasurable experience is not right. And please understand that feeling you should take these to be included does run the risk of permanent damage to yourself, and severely limited functioning in the short term. You may ask, what is taking a pill? What is death? Maybe it is just something to get through for a better quality of life, and to feel included. But you will be less of yourself from taking these. Drug addiction can only lead to near permanent reduction in your functioning. Don’t despair, if you haven’t suffered an accident, you likely will recover fully. But your brain functioning, the functioning of organs, will likely not return for several years.

So please do exercise caution when buying drugs from parties with no liability, and no fear of consequences, as long as they can evade you after the deal, and the police. Let’s move to stop using drugs, and stop supporting this industry, when it is honestly a pile of crap.

If you disagree with some aspect of this story, that’s okay. I am just one voice, and your voice can be just as important. Though I do hope there is truth and merit to your perspective.

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