Dead Bod Man P. 19

All The Dead Bod Man Works Written And Edited By Asa Montreaux

They did not need to be informed. It was just something for him and the security to know about. The amount of panic it would cause, would be astronomical. The eggs and the toast finished cooking, and he put them on a plate, and sat down at the kitchen table. 

He began eating the toast first. He took a few bites of it, and then began on his egg. On the first bite of it, he felt a cold hand on his neck. Before he could even move, the Dead Bod Man threw his neck sideways. Holden passed out instantly. 


The securities sat outside the apartment, on the surrounding blocks waiting for something to happen. One was stationed on a hill a black and a half away to view the action in the apartment. He focused his binoculars. Holden was eating something. 

Something was happening finally, as he suddenly disappeared from sight. He peered deeply, knowing that the next few moments of action were important. Behind Holden, or where he had been, he could see the Dead Bod Man standing, possibly with his hands on Holden. “Let’s Go, full motion,” he said quickly. “Holden is down possibly. And Dead Bod Man inside.”

“Dead Bod Man inside?”


“Okay, let's go.” He made a call on the radio to have all units head inside. They made their way inside as well. They were the closes group, and they made it inside first. They bounded up the stairs, and made their way to the door of the apartment. It was open, as Holden had left it. There was no saying if the Dead Bod Man went through it, although with him, it was usually the window, or a ceiling panel. They rushed in. 

They found the Dead Bod Man masturbating again. He was violently jacking off his penis right above Holden’s face. Holden was across the breakfast table, his head laying on its side.

The first one in the door made their way to the Dead Bod Man, and tackled him. They fought hard. He was unable to subdue the Dead Bod Man, and as other guards stepped into the kitchen, they blocked the Dead Bod Man as he tried to run away. One particular guard had gotten into such an intense fight with him, that he himself was clawing at the chest and arms of the Dead Bod Man. 

They turned upon their sides and wrestled with each other. One guard had found himself atop the kitchen table. Full of desperation, he lept from the table, and with all his weight, landed on top of the Dead Bod Man. He put his elbow to the Dead Bod Man’s head as he fell. The Dead Bod Man passed out cold. 


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