Dead Bod Man P. 17

All The Dead Bod Man Works Written And Edited By Asa Montreaux

And the Dead Bod Man was no longer just a veiled myth or a whisper on wild winds, but a living, breathing, phenomenon. It was on your tv, it was on your phone, in your car. Someone had to speak to you about it at work… So if you see the Dead Bod Man… (RUN!), So no woman can be left to walk alone at night, okay? All over the United States, people went about their business cautiously, protecting women around every corner, and locking every door and window all day and night. Who knows where he could be… and that was part of the mystery.

693 murders were recorded all across the United States, over the past eight years. Suddenly deaths in one state were connected to ones three states away on the next day. One of the most brutal deaths of all time, a man hung from a pole by his penis stapled to it, until he fell on his head and snapped his neck, was found to be the Dead Bod Man. He was not the indisputably the most infamous serial killer of all time.

Some serial killers were suspected of dozens they were never proven to have committed, but the Dead Bod Man was found to be the murderer of all of his suspected cases right away. DNA sample after DNA sample taken from the crime scene, in Holden’s office, from the Dead Bod Man matched up to a hundred cold cases. For everyone time the Dead Bod Man jacked off, that was one more time he was close to getting caught. Who knew? No one, and his hubris would ultimately ruin all of his fun. One day. Today.

Holden was sitting around in his living room, with the bodyguards Salazar set up for him, watching the news, seeing for the first time, the Dead Bod Man identified and analyzed. Stories ran about what he had been like in childhood, what had made him want to murder people, what his first murders were like, it was shocking. The most gruesome and twisted serial killer of all time was now on television. Some people assumed he’d be brought in soon. Others assumed he might get away, and murder just as many people, all over, but somewhere else in the world.


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