Dead Bod Man P. 18

All The Dead Bod Man Works Written And Edited By Asa Montreaux

One thing was constantly on Holden’s mind, and that was finding Fionae. She was the most important person to him, and he would give anything to have here sitting next to him right now. But she wasn’t. And she could be dead. Salazar thought she was alive, and a lot of analysts on tv thought she was alive. And Holden secretly thought she was alive, as well.

Passing the hours was difficult. When he wasn’t watching the news about the Dead Bod Man, he just surfed through the channels. He felt too bothered to watch the ball game, and he watched a bit of a few programs, before he began to feel everything was so boring, he was soon going to see a commercial for “The Dead Bod Man,” the movie. He turned the tv off, and sighed deeply. It was disappointing to not have any way to comfortably pass the time, but it was late now. He could just go to bed. Of course, he went straight to bed. For a while, he laid awake and thought over the situation some more. But it seemed to him, after not very long, he was thinking over the same things, and he went to sleep. 

The next morning, he found himself well rested, he’d had a good sleep. There wasn’t really any sign at all of The Dead Bod Man. It seemed things would be normal for a little while. He hadn’t really much of an appetite the night before. He thought’d he set to it. Cooking up a few eggs. 

He opened them up and spread them on the pan over some oil. While they cooked he took some bread, and toasted it to go with the eggs. While he waited for the eggs to cook, and the toast to toast, he noticed how quiet and tranquil the area was, just like no one expected the Dead Bod Man to come around. No one except him. 


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