Then Everyone Died P. 1

Oh Man, it was going to be one hell of a night. Me and moi boys, headin’ to the place with everyone from the football game, and anyone else that didn’t go from the high school. It’s not often I’m so fuckin’ pumped I’m shootin’ lines a coke before moi friends is even here, but that’s right now. Fuck yea my heart is flyin’ and I’m right in the fuckin’ moment. Baam!

All of the sudden I’m texting my main man Sam, and I’m saying man are you on your way? I’m almost say where the fuck are you? I’m tapping my finger little as I’m fuckin’ waiting for the reply. You know on the phone. 

My mate’s saying, “Yea, almost there.” Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Oh yeahhh. 

Almost time to go. One fucking more. And I’m snorting it. And I’m snorting it. Oh yeahhh.


Oh heyy.

My bro is here and I’m grabbin’ a bag from him and guidin’ em in. My parents are out for fucking dinner and we’s got an hour before we gotta drive over to the party house.

There’s three 26’s of hard liquor in there and I snap my fuckin’ fingers gettin’ ready for that other hit, bam, fuckin’ drainin’ the 26 of the rum, and I’m just like a mother fuckin’ druggy lovin’ that shit and I’m mother fuckin feeling it.

All of the sudden me and my boy takin’ shots chuggin’ right back. We playin’ tunes off the phone wireless to them speakers, My other buddies here and now were doin’ the fuckin’ lines a coke and I’m so high I can’t explain it to them. But nah man I’m not nervous I’m fuckin’ feelin’ it. Fuckin’ feelin’ it hard.

Oh what a time. Just a blast to the point of absurdity, know what I’m sayin’? I just revved in so many drinks I’m not sayin’  I was sure I’d remember this party. But who the fuck cares? What the F!!! Oh man now I about need to get my dance on with all my peeps in this hood. I’m ready to gah. 

We be dropping’ the lines. Like six each. We not gonna die we not first timers. They’re not too long that’d be the trick. But I’m so ripped after there’s no fuckin’ stopping me from just partying like a rock star. I basically just had to start partying in the home, cheering, yelling, playing beer pong. To be sorta honest couldn’t remember half the shit I did so just did it again.

Then we be rollin, driving’ down the street. Ask me is my buddy driving’ wacked out of his mind. Nah. But he sorta is. He be swerving’ and I go mate, watch the fuck out. And he’s straighten up the lines, I’m laughin’ hehe. They be almost good enough to trick a cop. Fuckin’ rap music blarin’. Fuckin’ Snoop and shit. Err’ person that rolls be looking over like we’re black but we’s not. Then I be going raaah at them, and who the fuck you starin’ at. Hahaha.

Soon though we be arrivin’ and shit is crackin’. Already so many dope peeps insides, we be rollin’ joints in the back in minutes. Shits fresh as fuck, and I’m just so fuckin’ high. And it’s just gonna be the night of the century. 


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