Asaism P 1

Asaism P 1

Asaism is meant to change the world. It’s meant to revolutionize the structure of politics, and make everything function on a significantly higher level. So everyone is much happier.

Sometimes the world is unfair. The structuring of societies other than the United States isn’t good enough to prevent massive inequality that is undemocratic. A restructuring will increase the functioning of these other societies, so that people will experience a quality of life that is better, without having a significantly lower GDP. The benefit of the restructuring of Asaism is extremely high. And the restructuring of American society, based on Asaism, will nearly eradicate problems caused by inequality, and nearly eradicate poverty as well. At the same time, American GDP, and other economic measures, will be completely unaffected. One of the central tenets is future-based policies. Everything is made now for the future world. We will stop doing things for a world of the past and start making changes for the society of today. The geography of the past doesn’t matter today, and the restructuring of society to the outer reaches of the city will bring peace, harmony, and more richness to every person’s life. The ready availability, and the instruction, of information that is absolutely valuable to people will enable them to make the right decisions. 

Another central tenet of Asaism is bringing the acceptance of science to society, and to use it to educate everyone in the society. It will be available not just through newspapers or television. The right information about important problems like drugs and alcohol, stds, obesity, pollution, will be available, so that everyone making a bad decision will know fully what the consequences are. They will not doubt the news is exaggerated, and they won’t doubt the consequences are real, and they will make the right decisions. The reality is science can help us restructure our nations so much, and help us make our nations so much more suited to the people of today, that it is necessary to move forward incorporating more scientific data into new policies. And these are new policies that replace old policies, and do not just augment them. 

A scientific understanding of the world is not suddenly going to govern everyone’s lives, but it will inform them as to the best possible way to live their lives, so that society moves as efficiently and harmoniously as possible. The benefits explained about healthy, cooperative, and sustainable living will be too readily, and too thoroughly explained for anyone make mistakes. Given what people are actually like, rather than what we thought they were like three hundred years ago — our government policies, our ideas about what creates a good life, can be changed remarkably to better suit the needs of people in our world here, today.

Asaism means to pitch a world moving beyond currency, though not all at once. To create what everyone needs, it doesn’t come out of their labor, but the labor of someone else. The government can grant it to them, and it is the person who did that labour that it rewards. The people of each country are in need of goods and services to survive, and be healthy. These will be immediately made available to them, and it will be in another place on the supply chain that money is exchanged. In reality, the government can create currency. It can award funds or goods to someone because it wants to. 

Work on the replacement of cars for transportation will begin immediately. Everyone will travel by light speed rails. These will get people to shopping centres, to and from work or school, at much faster paces, with almost zero environmental impact. The rails will be electric and use no combustion engines. Rather than have highway transportation for longer journeys, flights will be available between cities more often and through cheaper trips. Governments will supply these flights, with not corporations but government initiatives to create extremely low cost travel. It will become a topic of voting and referendums, and will be a factor in election outcomes, and party platforms.

Asaism will constantly provide education for sustainable living, and build sustainable communities. And it will incorporate Asa’s telekinesis to fuel more efficient electricity and gas usage and a better biosphere with more or less rain, and higher or lower temperatures based on what the environment needs. And it will include, by Asa’s telekinesis, the evaporation of all illnesses that are a problem in the society, and the immediate treatment of all cancer tumours and other serious malignant diseases right away. And the reason is that the best available will be applied to better the society.

That’s it for Part 1. 

By: Asa Montreaux

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