Ending HPV

Ending HPV

I have decided to eradicate the illness HPV from the world. It seems, given the way a deadly illness like Covid 19 could be defeated, this one could too. It seems fairly innocuous, despite the fact it has severe symptoms later on. 

You can die from HPV. Certain strains, which are circulating in the world, cause about 75% of cancers in sex areas, and causes almost all cervical cancer.

There is something wrong, and I can't have sex without the risk of developing cancer, and nor can anyone else. So it is time I do something.

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? A disease like HPV cured when no one is working on it. Well I am working on it now. So hopefully you'll hear about it. I predict in a couple years you'll be reading in the paper, that HPV has become non-harmful, and no longer causes cancer. 

So here we go. I'll be eradicated HPV with telekinesis.

And I'll be eradicating HIV as well. Expect to hear about that becoming not dangerous in 2-3 years.


A sidenote, I have decided to publish all my own works without paper now. No hard covers, no paperbacks, no cd's, no illustrated books. Just ebooks.

They'll be available from this website under a new section titled after my new press. It is called Pzperlzss bxxks. My books will still be available in full on the website. And my new book, now titled The Dead Bod Man, will also be available for free on my website, but I will be selling a version with high quality illustrations for a low price. I would also like to announce Tristan 3 and 4, which will be available in the same way.

Additionally I will be taking a break from Fortnite highlights after the following season. It will give me a chance to play without being scouted, get better at ranked and try tournaments. Going pro at Fortnite requires a lot of time, and it is not the same as Fortnite addiction, so bear with me. 

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