New Novel June 17

I apologize for the graphic content of the novel. But that is part of the concept. Please note one perspective of this book, one part of the story, is from the perspective of the bad guy. There will be four perspectives, four parts of the book. It is only one. 

All the same it is entertaining. This book is rad. Enjoy.


By: Asa Montreaux

Do you always wait for the longest day of the year and then miss it. I bet you fucking do. There was never anything stupider and more animal like than a sexy woman. Oh my god I just want to come in the face of anything with double dees and decent looks. In fact I am not sure I can write this I so have the urge to fucking blow one off thinking about anal fucking a sex goddess and then dumping poopy cum all of her eyes and nose and mouth. Sometimes after I beat them to death with my dick. Right after. I thought I’d do it unreal life a lot of time. There always fucking dead by the time I’m done though. 

I didn’t care who I killed. I just killed them. It was like being the wind, I just blew, and whoever was in the way, they were blown. I’d stand outside the Cabaret, our outside Mario’s, and whenever they wanted the pills, they’d come grab them for three, four hundred bucks every time. It was almost every time I killed them. There was enough of the lethal mix inside each one to kill anyone. I sat there deciding whether to make the good ones, or the, you know, lethal ones, and nearly every time, I decided to make the lethal ones. All I could see is that would give me the most pleasures. Just to see those fuckers just rot the fuck away. They’d never know it was me. They were tricked. Hah. And in an instant I had taken away their precious life, making them the brainless automatons they were, and for always.

As I sat there making the pills, I knew there was something missing for me in it. It didn’t five me the fulfillment I had wanted. It wasn’t like when I killed a woman I had been stalking. I could convince them eh date me, and within a few fucks I fucking slaughtered every one of those cunts. There was nothing better than being the eye of their desire when they could not figure out you were anything but someone who should be that. When they couldn’t see it was all a trick, and that they were only chosen to ultimately satisfy me, and give me all the pleasure int eh world by seeing their blood fly across the fucking room, and smear all of the fucking walls. I masturbated so hard cleaning blood of the walls of those hotel rooms it was almost better than the kill itself. I’d grab their dead bodies and fuck their mouths so hard they’d fucking bleed while they were dead. And then my fucking blood out my dick was fucking intermingling with their dead mouth cock blood and they were my fucking victims for lie in the most sacred way ever fathomable. 

Thinking about this I had to masturbate right way. It was the most uncontrollable urge. And I had to bleed, I squeezed and tugged so hard, that my dick nearly burst it started bleeding spots hard. And even after I came, the semen all stained red and orange from the blood, even after it land on the pictures of my new stupid victims and after I emptied the remains right on their faces int he pictures, I was still beating it, for fucking twenty minutes, until I eventually the pain passed and I came another three times, right in their fucking faces, until the point where I needed so bad to go kill them right then, I almost screwed up my whole plan. But in the end, that got me too hard, and I blew off one last one, my dick shrivelled at that point, working over time, so that I knew the ultimate would be pulling off my plan.

So who would go first among the three of them. Who could say? If I was someone else I might say that. There was one woman. And two men. No one knew but I always took the women first. But when I finally took the men and anal fucked them while they were dead, I knew that I had did it because they were the tougher kill. And I always had the body of the woman with me when I killed them. I’d drag it out of the trunk and fuck her mouth while head banged against their dicks so hard they splashed blood everywhere and oozed buts of tissue into her hair. Then I’d scoop it up with my dick and make her fucking drink it. And every time I came I’d do it with my dick fully down her throat. So that the cum went right into her stomach, just like I was right inside the centre of the being. And I was every times. 

Sometimes I get a bat and smash their heads up while I fuck their mouths. Until there’s nothing left of the jaw. At that point I’m finished. And then I just have to clean it up. 

The trouble was with the first one. The writer boy. There was too many people that knew him around town. Taking out someone famous was tough to do. I think that’s what it was with this one. It was the difficulty of it. When the gratification of completing the job came, I knew it was going to be so great, so transcendent, there wasn’t going to be any kills in the past that were as good. These were going to be the most meaningful ones of my life. And I was only looking forward to it. 

And then there was the business ace. The ceo, no, the doesn’t c he’s not going to be alive soon. He was the youngest managing partner in town. Leading the firm to huge profits. All of New York raved about him. He had his fame too. All the kills this one were not easy. I wasn’t going to forget to mention it. But he’s writer boy’s lawyer. Take him out and you’re home free. 

They’re all a little famous. And then there is writer boy’s girlfriend. The struggling model. The prettiest woman I have ever seen. Twenty’s, huge breasts, the most gorgeous photos you’ve ever seen. But not the right connections. It was time to end it before it became a real career. It would be only me that knew, that she was the hottest chick alive. And I would be the on that had her. The last one to have her. And the only one to really have her. The only one to have her while her skin is all gone, and the only things left are her vagina and her fucking mouth. I am going to miss having this one. It will be the best one and only having the memory will honestly be a little sadder. 


Being the greatest lawyer in town was not only the privilege of a lifetime, but the very symbol of pride that the whole family of Geesonn’s cherished like the Holy Trinity. It meant everything to them that Salazar had become the greatest Lawyer around.

The odd fact of the matter is that he was young, and not many article shad been written about him. It was not very well known amongst the public that there was never a better arguer, or a lawyer with a better trial record. But at the same times, word move swiftly from clients to their business partners, so the Salazar was quickly becoming the most in demand lawyer in the city. And someone recognized in a lot of circles as exactly what he was, the greatest lawyer of all time. 

It was time for the most discomforting conversation of his career, and also of his life. The matter affected his life deeply. And the call was with his favourite client, and the most likeable client he had ever had, and surely that anyone had ever had. There was nothing that had changed with the client. He was still the most likeable person on the planet. Though the matters surrounded his life had the air of graveness about them to smite popularity. You wouldn’t be laughing after you heard it, all of it. All of what they had so far. He’d still like his client after this phone call, though he would never just think everything is okay and perfectly fine after speaking with him again. Well, it was not, or it was never. 

He picked up the phone and dialled his client’s number. 

“Holden, are you okay?”

“Yes. Of course. I am okay?”

“But, is someone stalking you?”

“Yes. There is someone stalking me intensely. But…”


“He’s good, really good.”

“I know. But listen, we are onto him. We have already got him.”

“Had you Id’d him?”

“No. You wouldn’t believe it, but he’s clean. But look, that was one hell of a lead.”

“Yea. There is no way this guy knows I noticed. I am sure he has never stalked someone perceptive.”

“Holden. I need to know. Is he masturbating?”

The line was quite for a moment.

“Yes. He definitely was. He was doing it very loudly and moaning.”

“But you’re a guy. He’s gay?”

“Well, there’s something else.”

“I am aware. I certainly hadn’t forgotten. When you and your girlfriend…?”

“Yes, while we’re having sex. He was masturbating very loudly.”

“Do you have evidence she is a target as well.”

“No, but he seemed to fixate on her.”

“But he’s been stalking you half the day?”

There was no answer of a second. 

“Well, he probably will start stalking her if he hasn’t already.”

“I agree. And there is something else. He is stalking me as well.”

“Yes, how is you situation Salazar?”

“I have bodyguards, and the person hasn’t been in the building. They said they could see him, and see him masturbating.”

“Did they notice anything else? Anything useful?”

“He’s very good at getting in and out of buildings. It’s going to be a real issue. But look, I think we’ll be okay. We can catch this guy. He has obviously never been caught before, but he doesn’t know what he’s up against, does he?”

“There is no way he does. I am sure he has no clue I even noticed. They probably would assume they are not going to be noticed until the end.”

“Absolutely. That is right. That is definitely right. Okay, stay safe, alright. I will talk to you tomorrow. We are hopeful we will have more useful information.”

“Okay. Talk then.”




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