New Novel June 17 p. 2

By: Asa Montreaux


Fionae knew the way to start the day was by jumping out of bed, but lately she was suffering from deep exhaustion. When she awoke, she only thought of the sweet death of the mind of sleep. It is a million times in life we die and awake again. So she felt when she was tired, and didn’t want to start her day. She knew she needed to so after a while, she climbed out of bed, and dressed in her gown. She’d been sleeping in the nude ever since Holden left. She was suddenly reminded of it, when her boyfriend took her on the stove, before he took her in the bed, while she lay on her stomach. Before walking out of the bedroom, she bent over, and masturbated as hard as she could. She felt tired, and she nearly hurt herself and liked it so much she went harder. She imagined her boyfriend inside her and bent over further. That’s what they would do next time. He’d been in her ass while she stood right her. She came in her undies, and quickly changed them, before heading to the bathroom. She couldn’t find her brush at first, and strangely, she found it back in her room. She couldn’t remember leaving it in there, but strange things can happen. It was surely nothing. 

She ate cereal while she looked through some articles on her phone, and waited for text messages from friends, or from her agent. She wasn’t expecting to hear from Holden, but then again, the always talked.

‘You alright?’ He asked.

‘Of course. Why?’ She wrote.

‘Oh, no reason. So everything’s fine. You got to bed okay and whatever?’

‘Yes.’ She only slightly reticently, not wanting to talk about how tired she’d been feeling, especially in the morning.

‘Alright,’ he wrote. ‘Are you alright? You seemed just slightly not yourself a couple times yesterday.’

‘You asked yesterday. I’m, okay.’

‘Alright. Talk Later xo’

‘Luv xoxo’

She had to be to work in a couple hours. For a model she got ready awfully quick, but she thought she better go shower anyways. 


What a cum dumpster. Oh my fucking fucking Mary licking god. Of fucking fucking fuck yeah. Oh fuck yea. And meanwhile I am not hiding in one. I am right outside her fucking window. She can’t see because she’s not looking. But it she looked she see me. She wouldn’t see me beating of so fucking hard, but I am right below the sight of the window. She’s just getting up. She’s tired because I have been making so much noise. Moaning, and jerking so hard, the entire time she sleeps. I even talked ot her while she is sleeping. She didn’t know it, but she’d been moaning half the time slept. It wasn’t really sexual but all the fucking better, it’s like we were just fucking talking. Fuck yea. Agghhhh.

Hopefully no one checks these fucking walls. I’ll have to just scrape them. Otherwise someone will notice all of this. Reminder for later I guess. Right now I can’t take my eyes off her. 

She’s bending over. Oh my God the hand is assuming the posish. Oh she’s rammin’ it. Ohhhh Fuckkk yeaaaaa!!! Oh! Oh! Oh she’s imagining it in the ass. Ahhhh! Fuck I’m moaning while she’s awake. She hadn’t noticed. Ah I got go harder. More, more, more, more, more. Ah, tighter, tighter. Fuck yea, I’m bleeding. Fuck yea. Ohh my god! Oh she’s still going at it. What a fucking ass. Oh my god. When she dies I am just going to destroy that shit like mother fucking Scream. Oh my GOD I cannot wait. Here comes one. Oh she’s just doing a quick, we’re gonna come together and she won’t even know it. Here it comes, here it comes.

Oh she’s tensing up. All you have, give it all you have. Ah, Ahhhhh! Here it comes, it gonna be fucking fucking bloody! Arghhhhhhh!!!! Ah! Open you eyes, ahh she’s coming too, she’s coming too. Ahh get some more, get some more!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh fuck yea!!!!! Well I get the better of this one as well. Add her to the list. She’s coming with me and she doesn’t know it. And one day she’ll be doing it with me right in front of her and all inside of her. They always fall for every fucking trick.


Holden couldn’t believe she didn’t know what was going on. He was sure if she had thought about it. She would have heard the guy. It was what Salazar had said. Half the day he’s stalking you… half the day…

The other half, he was stalking her. That must be true. Otherwise what was he doing? Surely just stalking someone else. It was best not to mention it. Let her not feel scared. But he figured there would be a time to tell her, or else she wouldn’t be ready for the attack. There would be a time when they couldn’t be apart, when he would have to protect her every second. Maybe he could hire someone. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea. Salazar didn’t really need to know. Holden could hardly pay him sometimes, but if he saved enough, he could maybe afford a good body guard. But someone would need to be with her even in the night. It would have to be someone she trusts. That left only him.

He was ashamed of himself for a second, because he thought there might be a good novel out of this. It was an interesting story, for sure, lover boy, defending his one true love, from an evil murderer. An evil, murderer, stalker. And there he was, the hero of the story, it was remade to be al the stuff writer’s love, and when it was your own story, you loved writing it more. It was awesome getting attention, and being the hero in the story. Writer’s are so often thought to be just the recorder’s of history. To be a part of history, sometimes that means everything to a writer. It means everything to Holden. He was one of these winy writers that wrote about relationships. That was one of the problems with his books. Why did they love him? What made him the hero? An objective instance where he was the hero, was exactly what his books needed. 

But he needed to focus just on getting them out of this. Right now he had to try to solve the situation before it headed somewhere bad. But if he couldn’t stop the stalker, he had to make Fionae aware of the situation, and her fear and emotion would be a factor he would have to try to deal with so that they both survive, and don’t get hurt. 

He heard a sound outside that sounded vaguely like something he had heard over the past few days. The stalker was out there again, masturbating. As he listened, the sound got a little more intense, and it didn’t stop. It was there, and it was constant. You could even tell what it was. 

He walked over to the window, the stalkers favourite one to pear through, and looked out, as if he walking for nothing in particular. When he wasn’t expecting Holden to be by the window, his eyes were often closed. And just as Holden expected, the man’s eyes were closed as he was jerking off. It was disgusting. What was to be done about it.

Suddenly a burst of emotion went through Holden, and he all of the sudden felt courageous. He bounded over to the door, and opened it and ran out onto the balcony stairs, pouring down them to get to the stalked as fast as possible. 

When he got to the bottom, the stalker had pulled up his pants, and was already running off into the nighttime. 

Hey, you fucking cunt! Get back here!’ But the stalker kept running, until he was completely gone, and you couldn’t see him anymore. He had vanished.


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