Asa Montreaux's Covid Evaporation Against XBB


Asa Montreaux's Covid evaporation has been used against XBB, the variant of Covid that is the center of the outbreak in China:

“Our modelling estimates the wave will peak at the beginning of June at around 11 million per week, with 112 million people being infected during this resurgence,” Airfinity said.

That compares to Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan’s estimate in May that cases could reach 65 million a week by the end of June – six times higher than Airfinity’s projection.

The technique has been highly effective. Asa's Telekinesis is saving the world. The applications of his Telekinesis through various inventions, different techniques, and sequential structures built around an advanced understanding of modern physics, have made an immeasurable and life-saving impact on the world. 

Look for more positive news as Asa applies the latest spell, which executes the latest Covid evaporation actions, in the next few weeks. 


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