The Truth about Phone Cameras


That little thing you bought, even if it is a 1000 dollar iPhone, does not have the camera you think.

It may have 12 megapixels, and that's not bad, but think of the size and shape of it. It is only a small camera fit onto a phone smaller than your hand. And it is in the shape of a circle. So what happens when that takes a photo? It takes a photo in a circle. And then when the information is stored? It is turned into a square. So, the photo has to be bent in order to be made. All sides of the photo will be bent, so that the photo can be changed from a circle to a square.

All cameras do this, but cameras with bigger lenses, and higher megapixels, will not do this as significantly. 

Given that the iPhone camera is so small, and other phone cameras are so small, they are obviously like fisheye lenses. They capture a big space by having a lens that is the shape of a bulb. Given this, it will capture a much wider picture, but store the information of the picture quite distorted. Not only is it bending it from a circle to a square, but from a convex shape to a flat shape. 

With an iPhone camera, and any phone camera, you will see significant bending on every single photo you take. 

Here is a photo from a normal camera:

Photo taken right after with a new model iPhone camera:

                                         *Both of these photos are completely not altered.

With the iPhone camera photo, you can see significantly, significantly more bending up to the left of the photo. This will happen in every single phone camera photo.

So ladies, gentleman, stop. Stop thinking you are not getting bending in your camera photos. Stop thinking you are carrying around a powerful weapon. It is a flawed camera. It is not as good as a professional camera, or even a normal camera.

Don't worry if you saw bending taking a selfie. Don't think you have a bigger nose than you thought. Don't think your friends have flaws you never noticed. Just stop taking photos with your camera and get an actual digital camera.


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