I was attacked by Mormons p 2


I was attacked by Mormons p 2

By: Asa Montreaux

Five years ago my next door neighbour died. She was eighty and she had no family. She had left the house to me and no one else. Though she had died suddenly and it was not in writing. 

I had the key, it was in one of the drawers in the home, though my parents disagreed that I inherited it. They speculated that it was now foreclosed, and next that there was someone who inherited it inevitably. They said not to even go inside, or else they would report it to the police. Can you believe that, my own parents.

The house sat there, with no one inside for a long time. Sometimes it seemed there was a stalker inside, but it was hard to tell. Eventually a for sale sign went up, but no one knew who put it up. It was probably the city. I asked my parents about it, and that was what they said it was. Based off what I am not sure. I think based on how my parents put in calls to make sure I not got it, it was obviously them. For a long time, it had not sold. It was well overpriced, typical of my parents when they are selling anything. Then it had been so long, months, it went down. A few days later. Two strange people, a couple, dressed in full black dress clothes, walked in the front door, as if they had every right. I was watching and they had jammed the door with a screwdriver. They seemed to have broke it the night before, so it came off fairly easily. 

They just sat inside, and yelled around we’re Mormons and we need to stay here. They said they knew Tudy, and they were there to convert me! They were out with it. In fact later on they went all around the house looking for me, acting like they might try to force me to take on the religion, and also murder me.

They rarely left the home, we quickly discovered they smelled, and used drugs to try to have psychedelic experiences. They seem to have always had low socialization, and did not know much about anything. 

The truth about my parents is they needed money to pay for our house so bad, they decided to scam me. After a while they went and tried to tell the people off, but being absolutely weak, and being in no position to say they own it over me, they had no ability to get the people out of there. They decided just to try selling again when they were in there. It went up for the same price, and a smaller broker. Surely it would be the same result. One day, after another month, the Mormon man went out and grabbed the sign. Laughing, he brought it back into the home.

A week later, there was a group of men outside smoking. The sign was back suddenly, and now there was a sold sign. They could easily be identified as the Mormon man, another man who had taken up residence in the home, and one more man who was found to be another member of the gang later on. They didn’t look like they were really buying a house. They obviously where only going to steal the title, while not getting out of it. 

They obviously had stole it, and flash forward a couple years. They had been teasing me because my Dad had wanted to figure out if I had been trading at all. He had been desperate for money, but I had not been trading at all. He asked these strange people that stalked me, and they said maybe. They started framing me to him constantly, and he started to think I had money for no reason. He started trying to come up with ways to drain my bank accounts, and defraud me completely. 

The Mormons implied I was trading and losing money, when I was not trading at all, so many times, that I eventually had to just try it to prove they did not know what they were doing, and that they were wrong. Because I realized something. If they had not paid. They must have needed money. I was in fact right doing a simple background check, they had immediately got a home equity loan. 

So I started training, and it seemed to fit into their plans. They imagined they get everything I had ever had, which was nothing. And they figured they’d get my house as well. But I was determined to be as safe as possible. There was nothing that was going to happen.

One day six months later, it happened. The neighbour and one bank trader followed me into a trade, thinking they would get everything I had. But it was a trick trade, and I made them lose absolutely everything. I had never had any money, but in 2021, I made 1.2 million dollars. In a few hours it was gone, but I had transferred it to my bank already, so there was a record of it being mine. Speaking to my investment brokerage about it, they said my Dad had called, and said he needed to pay our house. They said he lied I agreed to pay and everything. And then, they said, he was so in debt the bank just took it. After tax, I almost paid our house.

Given the neighbour had debt before she died, I had effectively sold the house. Before I got into trading I knew we owed a lot, or at least my parents had. I knew there was some chance the mortgage lenders would want everything I earned. It seems it was inevitable looking back. They would obviously take everything you have. Being their son meant I had to contribute what I could as well. It was really a foregone conclusion I would just be paying towards the house if I won any amount.

But that was the price of the Mormons. And maybe that was the price of my parents’ debt. That I maybe had to sell my brand new house just because of their not paying the family house at all.

But the truth about it is we had already had Mormons following us. And they had been terrible towards. Of course, it was the same, and his family. He had been our neighbour in Texas, and they he was our neighbour again here. He just would not stop. He spent very day ensuring my parents were converted, and trying to convert me. And he informed every lender that we had not paid but that we would pay everything. He would not stop making calls about us. He implied to every employer that we needed to just have our money used to pay the bank. He was a terrible, terrible person.

By now I have noticed something. He doesn’t ever leave the home. He only walked in, just like those people on the other side of our house. He didn’t seem to understand the laws at all. He always smells, he never moves around but just sits there. And he always fixates on people he can hear and talks down to them. It is always a situation. His wife and kids are the same. He had ordered those other Mormons in the home to try and convert us. It has always been and awful experience, and I cannot wait until they get it, and get the hell aways from us. I am 100 percent not interested. It is the most fraudulent religion I have ever heard of. And it is definitely a cult. I hope to see them out of my life soon. 


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