Sickness In Town P. 3

By: Asa Montreaux


After a while, he recognized in her something human. Looking at a zombie, you noticed first the inhuman things about it. The most scary, and deathly things stick out to you. But after some time you see the spectre of humanity in the person. He looked at her head, and wondered if there was any love left in her brain. He wondered if she could consider another person, someone other than herself. Was this a person? Perhaps it was not. But it had been a friend. It had been a nice person actually. He missed her to a certain extent just thinking about what she was like, before she became a zombie. 

She was worth saving. Was it possible? Not yet. There was no medicine for someone literally becoming a zombie. But one day there would be. Or else what would become of humanity? I mean a lot of people were going to get this. Bernie was a healthy young person. Neil considered that now that he had found her, he would have to have her at his side, or somewhere contained 24/7. Would she be able to escape. Would she be able to muster that amazing super strength again? He thought it was unlikely, because it had seemed to have passed. It seemed to be something that happened during the first phase of the Zombie infection. He could see in her more of a deathless than that night she jumped in through where the ceiling had been. It would probably be possible to hold her in a place where they would know where she is. And when a cure arrived, she would then receive it, and their friend would come back, fully. 

He motioned to her to come with him, so he could get her some place where they could hide her and contain her. Like you might expect of a zombie, she was unresponsive. He snapped a few times, but she showed no response to this at all. Well this was no use. He considered dragging her along, but nothing good would come of that. She would likely get angry and bite him. He thought about it for a moment, looking off into the distance. There was something useful by one of the trees at the edge of the forest. You would not guess what it was, because it is incredibly unintuitive. It was a dead body. He knew that if he could just sprinkle some of the dead guts, Bernie would follow, perhaps for days.

He headed off to the edge of the woods, looking back occasionally to be sure Bernie hadn’t moved. He retrieved the dead body, and using his sleeve, sprinkled some zombie guts on the ground. Bernie, over here! Luckily, she came his way. And she continued to follow the zombie guts. Bernie was saved. 



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