On acting

 By Asa Montreaux 

It’s the pressure that doesn’t grind you down.

No it grinds you down. 

It was everything including whether your fired from a movie. 

Thank you and no I am not, I had not raped someone. 

Seems that’s about the only thing you can do to get fired.

I guess here’s where I say I always knew it’d be scrapped after two. And after I’m an artist and not a type cast.

So it’s a blessing and a blessing. I’m not fired, it was just the immediacy of the change, the readiness for the return to Spider-Man tm, i e the real Spider-Man.

I have to come clean I’d been Andrew Garfield and Nick Hoult, formally Andrew McCarthy, at the same time.

I’m probably a singer as well.

Call me silly and please understand for the first time I feel that way all the time. Quite off my rocker.

But I am. Yes, it’s me. Yes, it is me. Thank you.

So for anyone that notices and asked is that Andrew Garfield? Yes, that’s me. 

And to the majority of people who didn’t notice or at least hadn’t said, the agony of not being noticed is the worst part. Feeling anomie while being known.

And this is the part where I say, like me, please.

And the next thing is they have played with my photos a lot. Some days I wake up to see my self looking in photos fifty pounds over weight and receded to the moon. So there’s that. 

It’s not fair. And I guess that’s how it is. 

I beg for change. I long for change. And everyday I only see changes in photos. And I don’t want more, I want less.

And you got the bit about how that’s change. 


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