By Asa Montreaux 

I am the most beautiful man in the world.

So I’ll believe and maybe ‘till the end of time.

It isn’t fair to say anything less to me. 

But I suppose in a way 

It isn’t true.

There’s nothing a good body suit can’t do,

If you want to know the truth.

Sometimes that’s all it was. Looks are made with artifice.

And in that way I have to admit, 

I have made myself, I have made my beauty.

Though I suppose I have not had a procedure.  

I am a famous actor.

I am sane and with it. We just lied about what I got paid. 

And people lie to me all the time. Through their teeth. 

And I can tell.

I am probably not the most beautiful man in the world, 

though sometimes I feel so. 

And that is alright. For if we cannot appreciate our own art, then we truly must no be living. 

For living is awful without enjoying our own story.


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